Time to Alter or Abolish the Government
Keith Broaders Online Professor


.In 1788 our ancestors gave their consent to create a government whose power was supposed to be limited by a Constitution. The principles and provisions of the Constitution ha have been abandoned and the government created to protect the rights of the people has become a massive crime syndicate. Instead of promoting life, liberty and property the government has become an evil empire.

If you believe, as I do, the time has come to follow the admonitions of Thomas Jefferson. In the Declaration of Independence asserted that government derive their just power from the consent of the governed and that when the government violates the Constitution we have a right to withdraw our consent and create a new government.

When we remain silent and accept the status quo we give our consent to be victims of tyranny. How withdraw our consent: Don't vote. Rescind your driver's license and refuse to pay taxes Refuse to comply with any law that violates the principles of natural law.

Whenever the people of the united States feel that it is necessary they have a right to alter or abolish that government and form a new government. 

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