The Anti-Federalsts Were Right
Keith Broaders Online Professor

Forty Nine  of the fifty five men who signed the Declaration of Independence believed that the ratification of the Constitution was a bad idea, Only Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, Robert Morris, George Read, George  Clymer and James Wilson.  Among the prominent  founders who opposed the ratification were George Mason, Patrick Henry, John Hancock, Richard Henry Lee, Sam Adams, Thomas Paine. Edmund Randolph and Elbridge Gerry. Even Thomas Jefferson feared the Constitution granted  too much power the central government.

They feared that the liberty of the people and the sovereignty of the states would be threatened and that which would ultimately lead to  tyranny. The predictions of the Anti-Federalists have come to pass and the government created to protect our rights has become the enemy of the people.

The Constitution was written to govern the government, not the people. The Constitution was not written to created a new country, it was written to create a  more perfect union of thirteen sovereign and independent states.  

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