Chuck Carter
Keith Broaders Online Professor
There are over 15 million high school students that are being programmed by the government to embrace socialism. In 2024 these students will be eligible to vote in the Presidential election and we can not survive as a nation if we remain collective ignorant on the principles upon which our nation was founded.

The schools are no longer teaching the principles and Lion's Club needs to provide our youth with an opportunity to educate themselves on the Constitution and the principles of liberty.

I propose that you join me in creating am Constitution Education program called the Teenage Patriots of America. We can ask local high schools to create an on-campus chapter. Members of Lion's Club could serve as mentors.

We could provide the students with interactive lessons, videos, games, and quizzes online. We could encourage schools to compete with other schools on their Constitutional knowledge. Each participating Lion's Club member could offer scholarships to the school's Constitutional Scholar of the Year.

While educating our youth on the Constitution, we could simultaneously introduce them to the Lion's Club International.

Let's begin the task of educating the youth of Fort Myers and plant the seed that will help restore the dreams of our founding fathers.
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