0 Constitution Study Groups
Keith Broaders Online Professor
This program encourages individuals to study the Constitution as individuals, families of friends. You can conduct your meetings live or you can schedule them on Zoom. You are encouraged to limit the size of your group to five or six in order to promote individual participation. Each session should not exceed one hour and should be conducted once per week for four consecutive weeks

There are 12 interactive quizzes to be shared on your screen Zoom conference call and participants will take turns answering the questions. Study groups should complete three of the quizzes or 150 multiple-choice questions per session.

One member of the group will host the call and will be responsible to invite people to attend the class and moderate the discussions.

Participants are encouraged to start their own discussion group and help their friends and neighbors educate themselves on the Constitution and the principles of liberty.

Call Keith Broaders at 669-333-2800 for more information.

Week One    Test 1     Test 2     Test 3

Week Two    Test 4     Test 5     Test 6    

Week Three    Test 7     Test 8     Test 9    

Week Four    Test 10     Test 11     Test 12

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