Keith Broaders Online Professor
Ownership of Public and Private Land in Florida

The earth was created by God and we can not own that which belongs to its Creator. We were granted stewardship over the earth, but can not ownership. The land belongs collectively by the people and we are all landlords and tenants.
God is the owner of the 34.7 million acres of land in Florida. We the People" are collectively the property managers and ard are both landlords and tenants.

If the land was rented for $300 per acre per month it would generate $3.47 billion dollars per month in revenue This would eliminate the need for all state and federal income taxes. and would create an economic stimulus that would allow Floridians to become debt-free.

Total Federal Taxes paid by Floridians paid $117,000,000,000 for a total of $5,571 per-capita or an average of $14,818.

With this plan, most of the families would pay a maximum of $3,600 a year, and the bulk of the land rent would be paid by owners of large amounts of land.

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