0 Hemp is the Solution
Keith Broaders Online Professor

An acre of hemp will yield an average of 30 barrels of hemp oil which can replace the 30 barrels being produced by the fossil fuels industry. While much of the petroleum-based oil must be purchased from other nations at a current rate of $74 a barrel In 2008 the price of oil was $160 a barrel. Gasoline produced from oil extracted from hemp seeds would cost substantially less.. The price of gasoline would drop to around #1.00 per gallon.

An acre of corn produces an average of 150 bushels which sell for approximately $5 per bushel and generates an annual profit of around $800.

The value of the medicine, food, building materials, fabrics, and all of the hemp oil makes hemp the most profitable cash crop..

The land in each of the counties belongs collectively to the people of the county. The Board of County Commissioners would be the property managers and would have the authority to sell or lease land to individuals interested in cultivating industrial hemp. The revenue generated would pay for all services provided for by the county.

This would eliminate the county's dependence on state and federal money.

Surplus profits would be shared equally among the county residents.

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