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After fighting a bloody eight-year war to win their independence, our founding fathers wanted to create a new form of government that would secure the blessings of liberty to themselves and their posterity. They wanted a government that would promote liberty, equality, and justice.

In the Declaration of Independence, it was asserted that all men were endowed with certain unalienable rights

One principle espoused was that in order to guarantee equality and justice, everyone needed to have an equal voice. In order to achieve their objective, they created a republic instead of a democracy, in order to prevent the majority from violating the rights of a minority.

With the rise of political parties, the rights of the minority were sacrificed so that the financial elite could control the government.

In the counting of electoral votes, all of the states other than Nebraska and Maine have a "Winner Take All" method of allocating their electoral votes. This system rewards the candidate with the majority of popular votes with all of the state's electoral votes. This system completely disenfranchises millions of voters. This system is based on the principles of democracy and provides the majority with the power to strip a minority of their equal suffrage.
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