0 The Right to Petition
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th?id=OIP.QiSyTlePLvu3QSrCYpL-kwHaDf&pid=Api&P=0&w=333&h=158&profile=RESIZE_710xThomas Jefferson stated in the Declaration of Independence that when a government becomes destructive to the cause of freedom it is the right and the duty of the people to alter or abolish it.

In 1773 a band of men we consider to be patriots boarded some ships in the Boston harbor and threw hundreds of pounds of tea overboard. According to the King and Parlament the men we identify as patriots were considered domestic terrorists. 


While it is true that the men and women who rallied defend the Constitution broke some laws, but so did the men who signed the Declaration of Independence.

If we obey all of the laws that Congress imposes on us we give our consent and to be ruled by an oligarchy of rich and powerful corporations.

The 538 men and women in Congress have collectively become the agents of the bankers and the financial elite and have broken the "Supreme Law of the Land". They have become a band of thugs that masquerade as public servants as they exploit us and grow richer and richer as they bury us in mountains of debt.

Borrowing money to fund programs and projects which are not authorized in the Consitution is a violation of the "Supreme Law of the Land" and every Congressman or woman who violates their oath should be indicted and prosecuted.

Like tens of millions of other Americans, I am frustrated and sick and tired of the abuse of power by the men and women that have been elected to serve us.

Obviously, our pleas for justice have been ignored and we must either submit to tyranny or take the action necessary to alter or abolish the government.

If we are going to condemn those who participated in the protest, we must also condemn the men who threw the tea into the Boston harbor.

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