0 Congress Holds the Keys
Keith Broaders Online Professor

The government of the United States is broken. All three branches of government are equally corrupt. Like the mafia crime families, those occupying seats in each of the branches of government consistently violates the Constitution.  

It is a mistake to blame the President or, the Supreme Court, for the problems we face. The problem is that the members of Congress are not doing their job and we are not holding them accountable,  

We have been taught that we have three co-equal branches of government, but this is a myth. Congress is supposed to be the voice of the people, and it has the responsibility to prevent the abuse of power by the President and the Supreme Court.

The members of Congress have failed the people they were elected to serve. The primary job is to prevent the abuse of power by the President and the Supreme Court snd it is our responsibility, to hold our Congressional representatives accountable.  If we fail to do our job, we can not expect our representatives to do their job. Every two years, "We the People" have a right and a duty to hold our representatives accountable by voting out the bad apples.

The root of the problem is that we keep re-electing the same individuals who represent the financial interest of the bankers and Wallstreet corporations.  

The primary job of a Congressman is to get re-elected, and as long as we keep re-electing them we will continue to reap the reward for our irresponsibility. As long as Congressmen and women accept millions of dollars in campaign contributions, they become the servants of the financial elite, A statesman listens to his or her conscience and the voice of the people, while politicians take their marching from those who control the political parties.  

We can not expect Congress to do their job if we continue electing career politicians.  If we stopped electing incumbents, our representatives could vote their conscience rather than voting the party line.   

I would rather vote for a fifty-pound bag of cement than for a republican or democratic candidate for President of the United States. If the law was kept within its proper boundaries, it would make no difference who is elected.  
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