The Mpst Dangersous Doctrine
Keith Broaders Online Professor
The Most Dangerous Doctrine

Contrary to what you've been taught, the Supreme Court was never delegated the authority to determine what is and what is not Constitutional. That is why the decisions made by the Supreme Court are opinions. Giving a panel of nine unelected lawyers the power to interpret the Consstitution is like trusting a thirsty alcoholic with the keys to your liquour cabinet.

We the People created the three branches of government and it is the responsibility of our elected representatives to be tshe final arbiter of the Constitution. If in the opinion of the people our representatives violate their oath to preserve protect and defend the Constitution, we have opportunity to replace our representatives every two years.

We the people have the power and authority to hold our elected officials accountable and our failure to do so is the reason that our country is on the verge of self destruction.

The Supreme Court has a history of making outragepis decisions. In the Fred Scott decision they ruled that denying slaves of their lives, liberty and property was Constitutional.

The Supreme Court has taken no action of the Constitutionality of the Federal Reserve Act, the Patriot Act, and/or the Federql Income Tax.

The time has come for us to put on our big boy pants and hold our government official accountable.

Giving a panel of unelected lawyers the power to interpret the Constitution is like giving a thirty slcholic the keys to your liquor cabinet. The Supreme Court Justices are either ignoratnt or or they are they deliberatly violating their oath.
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