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Good morning again. Thanks for your time this am. I am not easily impressed by much of anything but my gut tells me that you are on track to creating something this county, state, and nation needs! I am very much impressed now!! Regarding an outline Part 1, what I want you to do is to be the pilot and you set were you want to land with this education program. This has the potential of being really large nation wide. So your outline will be the final destination with stops along the way to refuel and check the engine to be sure it is running smoothly at all times. Regarding an outline Part 2, will be me as your navigator and map reader to be sure you are not flying into any untold mountain range such as "teacher's unions, liberal barbed wire, and a government that would shoot your plane down. Regarding an outline Part 3, what needs to be done mid way through Part1is what do you want in return for your brilliant idea? Call it your goal for retirement.

Good morning my friend. I told you about my past and what a serious jerk and ass I was. God has led me to be worthy of His gift of life to me. I developed and live by my personal constitution. I am very black and white with no gray area. When I speak I am truthful in my words. No one ever needs to second guess the meaning of what my words are. MY PERSONAL CONSTITUTION I have developed a COMPASSION with a PASSION for helping those that want and need more. When I have completed that purpose then I am allowed to have fees. No one in my businesses should ever have fees / money for any reason until they have met these guidelines. If they do not have these Godly standards, they don't work with me! Have a very best and creative day! Brad Do not, I repeat, do not be bashful about running ideas across my brain. As an example, if you are going climb Mount Everest will ou step in one of the existing foot prints or create your own to get to the top? A proud man might say he wants to get all the credit himself whereas a practical man might say he wants to retire while millions of kids are getting a great and needed education. I have stepped in many existing foot prints to get to where I wanted to be. And now I am there!

This is powerful and am sending it to my daughter. Also, I have talked to my personal banker and asked him if he had any clients that write grants. He does not. But when I told him what we are going to do and that I want a $million dollar grant and will put the $$ in his bank, he jumped on board and said he would start making calls to his fellow BBT management to get help on finding a great grant writer. I have also left a message for one of my DBS clients whom is an attorney and said I wanted to talk to him about the whole program and that I would like to consider him as a board member. He is as much of a conservative and a capitalist as I am. It all takes time but WE WILL GET THIS DONE!!! My lady and I will probably be spending the night down on the beach at a condo we have there so I might be out of the loop in case you call. So as normal with me just leave a voice mail. Be well. B With professional regards, Brad L Marquardt Magnifying Selections, Inc. NuHealth Selections Fort Myers, FL Cell 239.410.6057 Fax 866.218.1053 Toll Free 888.622.9692 Serving Low Vision Clients of Florida for Life Worth Living with Vision! -----Original Message----- From: Keith Broaders To: Sent: Fri, Apr 16, 2021 1:48 pm Subject: Florida Citizens Alliance Thanks for the update.Sounds good.Awesome!
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