0 Budget
Keith Broaders Online Professor
Sun Coast $62
Wells Fargo $27
Income $654
Sub Total $ 743
Rent $500
Difference $243
Cremaion $50
House Keeping $50
Joseph Coffield $10
Difference $133
Harry's $21
In May of 2019 I moved into a HUD approved Apartment at 1230 N Street in Sacramento. At that time I was receiving a month check from Social Security plus a SSI supplemental check for around $320. I paid an amount equal to 30% of that total which about $280 a month. I also paid about $235 for a monthly meal ticket.

I also received a monthly allotment of SNAP benefits of about $170 a month.

Of the total of $936, I was paying around $515 a month for my housing. Leaving me with $421 for my other bills and living expenses.

When I moved to Florida in September, I moved into the home of a friend. I applied for Medic-Aide and was approved in October. I also applied with the Department of Children and Family Services and was approved to receive SNAP benefits.

I am a guest in the home of a friend and do not pay rent, but I did pay $230 per month to cover my share of the monthly utility bills which includes electricity, water, cable television, internet, trash/recycling and natural gas. In addition my other expenses include $115 for insurance, $100 for transportation to and from medical appointments, $50 medical supplies at the Pharmacy, $60 per month on clothing,

I consume about $300 a month in food. I receive $234 provided by the Florida Department of Children and Family Services. My total needs o get by is $885 a month.

If my SSI supplemental checks are suspended, I will have only a Social Security check for $654 which is $231 less than what I need, but if my SSI benefits are restored I will have $794 which is still $91 a month less than what I need

I am a 74 year old diabetic and I am legally blind and I have no other source of income other than what I receive from Social Security.

According to the formula for calculating SSI Disability the recipient must meet the following qualifications and I meet all three.
The Maximum benefit in Florida is $783 per month
1) Over 65
2) Legally Blind
3) Low Income and unable to work

Total Income $654
Minus $ 20
Minus $ 65
Sub Total $560
Minus 50% $280
Maximum Benefit $783
Countable Income $280
Adjusted Total $503
Minus SNAP $234
Eligible Benefit SSI $269

According to my calculations I am eligible for a monthly disability payment of $269 per month.

Social Security Office in Fort Myers

Social Security Office Information Address: 4220 EXECUTIVE CIRCLE
Office: 1-888-318-9114

When I was living in California, I received $636 a month in Social Security Retirement Income. My HUD rent should have been 30% of that amount of n$190.80. I was also required to pay $225 for a meal ticket.

I was eligible to receive up $963.23 a month, but I only received $336, because I did understand the formula for calculating monthly benefits. I should have taken the $636 amount and subtract the first $20 plus an additional $65. The adjusted total of $551. In order to calculate my countable income that total should have been reduced to $275.40. I was receiving Ca; Fresh benefits of $170 a month and when that total was added to my countable income it added up to $445.30 when that amount is subtracted from the maximum benefit of $967.23 I should have been receiving $521,83. Since the formula was not properly applied I only received $336 which meant that I entitled to receive an additional $185.83.

I lived in the HUD Housing for 15 months and I should have received an additional $2,787.45.

I paid $280 which was 30% of the Combined Social Security Retiement Income plus the SSi monthly payment of $336. I should only have been required to pay the 30% based on the Social Security payment of $636. My monthly rent should have been 30% if $636 or $190.80 in other words I was over charged by $89.20 a month for 15 months or a total of $1,338.
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