Nine Ways
Keith Broaders Online Professor

Solutions are not found by those who think inside of the box. 

All of the following suggestions would promote the principles of republicanism and would  reduce the tyranny caused by embracing the principles of democracy.

The first step in restoring our republican form of government would be to return to the Constitutionally mandated method of choosing Presidential Electors.  They can either be appointed by the legislature or voted on by the people in the legislative districts. It is also suggested that the Electors would also be used to  choose the Governor and state Senators.

The second step would be to end the "Winner Take All" method of allocating Electoral College votes by dividing a states electors to the candidates based on the percentage of the votes that the candidates received.

The third step would be to end political Gerrymandering by creating districts based on natural county boundaries instead of artificially drawn lines that benefit one political party at the expense of the other.

The fourth step would be to end the tyranny of the majority by restoring the representation of the counties in the state senate.

The fifth step would  reduce the size of the state's legislative districts  to 50,000. California has one representative for just under 500,000 and Florida has one representative for every 168,927 people.

The sixth step be to have the legislature of the states choose their U.S. Senators by nullifying the 17th Amendment in their state. 

The seventh  step would be for the state legislature to refuse to enforce laws that in their collective opinion violate the Constitution.

The eighth step would be for the state legislature to create a mechanism where the job performance of the Judges in the state and federal courts.

The ninth step would for the state to require that all candidates for public office at the city county and state level pass a Civic Test in order to qualify to run for an public office.

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