What is a Politician?
Keith Broaders Online Professor

A Statesman is an elected official that honors their oath of office and listens to their conscience rather than the Wall Street bankers and corporations.

A Politician, on the other-hand; pretends to be a servant of the people, while spending our money as fast as they can to enrich themselves and the corporations that funded their elections.

A Statesman understands the principles upon which the Constitution was written and the original intent of the founding fathers. A Statesman is motivated by his love of liberty, while the politician, on the other-hand is motivated by personal greed and he lust for power.

The corporations that collectively donate billions of dollars to get candidates elected consider the contributions to be investments. For very hundred dollars they donate  they will ultimately receive thousands of dollars in tax breaks and subsidies.

A prostitute sells their body, while a politician sells their vote. 

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