0 The Proper Role of Government
Keith Broaders Online Professor
The proper role of the government according to the Constitution is to provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and to pay our debts. It was not created to provide benefits to some of the people at the expense of others.

One of the government's responsibilities is to secure the rights of the people and to protect the people from the abuse of power by the bankers and Wall Street Corporations.

Uncontrolled spending has led to a National Debt approaching $30 trillion dollars and the interest paid to the International Bankers exceeds $14 trillion a year.

Borrowing money to fund unconstitutional programs makes it necessary for the government to take an ever increasing portion of the people's wealth in the form of taxes.

Instead of protecting our lives, liberty and property, the government has enslaved us with a debt and created a nation of debtors.

Congress is elected by the people, but takes its marching order from the bankers. Instead of protecting us from the predatory lenders, they have formed an unholy alliance with the financial elite Like three crime families, the three branches of government become and organized crime syndicate.
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