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Keith Broaders Online Professor

This website was created for the millions of people in the United States that are concerned about the direction our country is headed. Unfortunately, the vast majority of eligible voters have forgotten,, or were never taught. the principles upon which our nation was founded.

There are currently over 16 million high school students in the United States and half of them will become eligible to vote in the next election. Perhaps the greatest threat to the survival of our nation is the ever increasing number of ignorant and uninformed voters.

For many decades our republic has been undermined by the disciples of Karl Marx. The socialists have gained control of our public schools, and are teaching doctrines contrary to those of our founding fathers. In order to save our nation, we need teach ourselves, and our loved ones the principles liberty.

There are over 3 million public school teachers in the United States that have been programmed by Colleges and Universities to deliver curriculum, rather than teaching our children how to think for themselves.

It is the duty of every concerned American to educate themselves and their loved ones the principles of sound government.. The key to the survival f our nation is to understand and apply the principles upon which our nation was founded. Uneducated children will grow up to be ignorant and uniformed voters, and unless we step up to the plate ,the liberty of our children will be lost forever.

This website was created to provide concerned citizens with tools necessary to educate themselves. I challenge each of you to share this website with your family, friend, and neighbors,. Within a short period of time millions of Americans studying the Constitution in the privacy of their own homes.

This website provides students of all ages with interactive lessons and activities that will turn studying the Constitution into a fun and exciting adventure. Discover the forgotten principles upon which our country was founded and help America get on the road to recovery.

This websites is absolutely FREE!
We are not asking you for your name, address or phone number
and we will not ask you to buy anything or make any donations.
We simply ask you to share this website with your friends..

Our nation was founded on principles articulated in the Declaration of Independence. Before you can understand the Constitution, you must first
understand the self-evident truths expressed by Thomas Jefferson

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