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Library Happenings~December~2001

Library Projects

Library projects involved several departments in December. Mrs. Schwenzfeier's class completed research projects about several ancient civilizations. Students researched the Hebrews, Phoenicians, Assyrians, Babylonians and Sumerians. Projects included original books, posters, triptychs, and reports. Students' work is on display in the library. Ms. Queally's students researched holidays around the world to create written reports. Students accessed WWW sites and used non-fiction and reference materials. Mrs. Glynn's classes researched a wide variety of topics to construct ten minute persuasive speeches. Some topics included capital punishment, MCAS testing, euthanasia, the driving age in Massachusetts and censorship. Ms. Crowley's students prepared advertisements in their speech class and visited the library for videotaping, viewing and assessment of persuasive techniques.

Mrs. Fancelli's period 5 class launched the Investors Club Web Quest in December. Students are learning programs and skills on Handspring Visor PDAs funded by the Milton Foundation for Education. BusiCalc100, SimpleChart and Quizzler have been installed on the handhelds. Students have learned the art of "beaming" and "hot-synching" as well as the features included in MemoPad, DateBook, and Documents to Go. Final stock selections will be made on January 2 and Portfolio Groups will begin to track their investments and research their companies. The project is posted at the Mathematics Department.

During the week of December 10 students completed the first MCAS re-tests in English Composition, Literature and Mathematics. Results will be available in early spring. Any student who does not pass will have three more opportunities to take the test. >br>
Ms. Hessney's IMP students welcomed Catherine Donaher, a Boston architect who spoke about city planning issues related to land use, cost, and environmental impact. Donaher also discussed the 26 acres of open space created by the Big Dig, planning for re-building and World Trade Center, and ongoing issues at City Hall Plaza. Craig Yablonskie presented Ms. Donaher with an original MHS gift. Highlights of the program will be broadcast on Channels 8 and 22. December's Milton Highlights programming also includes segments from the performances of the After School Singers and the MHS Jazz Band at the MFE annual fundraiser at Lombardo's on November 29 and the Student of the Quarter Reception on December 12. Ms. Gormley was the guest speaker and she also presented the award certificates.

New books added in December were funded by Title VI: several reference books about China, The Encyclopedia of American Studies, Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre, a fifteen volume Spanish encyclopedia, encyclopedias and references about mythology, folklore and legends, donations from Mr. Sabini that inlcuded titles by and about Lenin, and assorted fiction suspense and mystery titles.

Next Library Newsletter: February,2002.

The more you read---the more you know !

Mrs. Ronan

December 26, 2001
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