libraryloop Mrs. Foughty
E.H. Slaughter Elementary Media Specialist
Welcome to the Library Loop Newsletter for Januray/ February REMEMBER - Monday Night Library is open to the public until 8:00 P.M. Checkout is limited to E.H. Slaughter families but all resources, including the Internet, are open to the public. AR Quizzes may be taken after-school hours until 8:00 with the permission of a parent of teacher. NEW BOOKS!!! Thanks to additional MISD funding we have just added almost 3,000 books to our collection. This bring our total close to 10,000 books! 90% of our collection has an AR quiz available so keep reading! RESEARCH PROJECTS Fifth grade has just finished researcihng WW II and will complete their PowerPoint projects in February. Second grade spent two weeks researching famous people and biographies. They utilized Microsoft Word to publish their final product. Towards the end of February first grade will begin their research on basic biomes and non-fiction literature. For more information about the Library/Media Center and opportunities to volunteer please contact Julie Foughty at (972) 569-6157.
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