Columbus Middle School Columbus Middle School Science/Health Educator
Hello My Dear Students!!!
Here is a website which will help you to be successful in my class!!! The links below all lead to different games or quizzes. Remember, in order to become good at something, you must practice!!!!!
If you play a game and score at least 70% on it, print it out and bring it to me in class and you will earn extra credit points!!!

Have fun!!!
Dr. Hanover
My Quia activities and quizzes
Science Vocabulary
Games having to do with Science Vocabulary words.
Scientific Method Scramble
Unscramble words having to do with Scientific Method
Botany Hangman
Find words having to do with plants
Animal Unit Words
Games to learn zoology vocabulary
Invertebrate Groups Hangman
Find the words of the invertebrate group of animals
Useful links
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