lifesciencehardy Mrs. Hardy
Durant Intermediate School Sixth grade life science teacher
Welcome to our Life Science Homepage!

In class this week we are working to use the science skills of observation and communication more effectively.

Students are working with microscopes during the weeks of September 11-15 and 18-22.

We are learning the parts of the microscope;

Learning how to use the microscope to view prepared slides;

Learning how to prepare our own slides to view plant cells and animal cells;

Making slides of pond water to view organisms that are discovered in the water.

Students will use resource guides in the classroom to name the organisms they discover.

Parents can help by checking to see that students are writing in their assignment book everyday...and keeping up with their science journal.
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Microscope Quiz
Ask me for the picture so you can take the quiz again...just for fun! And Good Luck!
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