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Welcome to Mr. Kocher's web page. This page is designed to assist students. Look here for missed homework assignments, activities, and for a listing of upcoming events! I hope you find this page useful.


Mr. Kocher

Here are tonight's homework assignments:

Wednesday, May 9 (Due Thursday):


(6) wksheet P 5-6

(7) Practice Wkbk. p. 35 #15-25 odds

(Nic and Jaz) wksheet p. 169

(David) Resource wksheet p. 8 #3,6,9,12,15,18,and 21


Write your words

Correct a recent test (write corrections 5x each)



May 9: On this day in 1754, the first newspaper cartoon was printed. If your school had a newspaper and you were asked to write and draw a cartoon, what type of cartoon would you create? After explaining what you would make and why, you can draw the actual cartoon.


Quiz Friday on Arthropods

Social Studies

(6) Quiz Thursday on Christianity

(8) Quiz Thursday on The Roaring 20's


Text p. 297 #9-13

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