liljess Lil Jess, Shortie G, Midget
WJHS!! cheerleader
Hey all my hunny's and all the peeps who fell for my joke and told me I was the best cheerleader and they Loved me! Well I love ya guys any ways! WJHS is the best remember us cheerleaders placed 1st in jr high 2nd in varisty and 3 out of 39 teams were just the best aren't we?

If you want to join the We love Owen Fan Club contact Kathleen and I!

To describe Owen in a nutshell.... well
He was on the Boys basketball team and soccer Team but know one said he was good!
He like memorizes everything in the text books and is in all honors , he takes french  and he  has  wierd laugh!But he is really nice, well was he told me i was stupid and so was Derek Jeter and the rest of the Yankees and that just did it!Anyways he likes the red Socks and Nomar eww i wont even wear red socks!

Ok Owen hun ... no offensce We are still ur friend!But just one question why wont you join our club?

Hey to my BABE KIM G!! hunny wuz shakin ~ i wanna go2 the dairy mart while running on the tredmill i'll explain it 2 ya lata~ but luv ya

To my fake parents Mike and Kelly~ I love ya guys and never geta divorce ,cause I can't decide. And one of my Bestest buddies Paino  what up? Your the best and  i think by me coming to ur school I brought you luck and thats how you made the basketball team!Alexandra hey hunny  T/-\mmy is such a B!+ch right!

To Letty and Steph Z. I have no idea how we got in to Honors , cause I know I'm not that smart!

To my Squad at Spookhill Camp U guys Gotta Listen to me now if Mike Don't come back remember that !
Cause im the squad Leader

To Mike D. Life just isn't fair , but atleast I get the Baby blue chair.

Tim - good luck at golf and i  wont 4get to write it on your hand.
Eric- I'm soooooooooo sorry about the watch and your talking the money!

Big Jess, Jenn, Jenn and Steph-I wish i was a twin , Steph I need help wit the  machaine it tech. Big J i'll always be Lil jess to you lol. Jenn's aww you guys have the cutest laughs out of you all!

To All my 8th Grade friends I'm gonna  miss you guys next year and  2 those going 2 Jay if i never see ya again  i luv ya!!!lol Alexandra u just can't go! Stina Paino's house was jsut a real blast with that sweaty hat! and i cant believe he won!

B  u   c
o   n   e!

/ \<~~~~ KIM looks see your the best cheerleader and they dont know it yet!
my favorite color: all blues, baby blue, regular, ice, dark, navy , light, sky, robin's egg i thik u get the point!

Sport: Cheerleading and baseball
Athlete: Derek Jeter

my Favrite Songs:

All of *NSYNC
forgot about dre
whats my name- remember kim when ur brother was signing
thong song
say my name
opps i did it again - even though im not a big britney spears fan


anything else contact me!
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