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Hey Ya'll!! this is Alaire! i go to McDonald Junior High! i am just doin this site for my friends. hi to ashley, kat, eva, kyle, karen, melissa, my brother pat, patrick, and all my other buds, u know hoo u r!! and i am going out with a sweetie named derek! ok i am a 13/f/tx, and play bball and volleyball. i am 5'8, blue eyes, brown hair. i am a music freak! my fave bands are Limp b., blink 182, korn, ICP, greenday, Bloodhound gang, and other stuff like that! like if u have aol or aol IM, my screen name is SugarHotti182 so feel free to IM me! talk to yall L8er! oh ya, like call me DEREK and ash! and my fave quote is-----"to the world u may be one person, but ot one person, u may be the world!!" LUV TO ALL!!! also---> "No1 is a virgin, the world screws us all!" and "dont hate me b/c i am beautiful,hate me b/c ure boyfriend thinks so!" and "i do wut the lil voices in my head tell me to!|"
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