linc Bev Larson
Olentangy High School French Teacher, F.L. Dept. Coordinator

O.H.S. Technology Inservice

Welcome to the O.H.S. inservice session on building personal web pages.  This is an example of a simple web page that teachers can maintain easily and quickly! Although you won't be able to import borders, patterned backgrounds or animated gifs, there is a wide choice of text and background colors.

Use your Class Page to post homework assignments, quizzes, and projects, and to keep parents and students informed of class activities. In addition, you can create "hot links" to sites that you want students to use in the computer lab, saving a lot of time and frustration when entering long, complicated URLs.

Although you don't need to know HTML in order to create your Class Page, it's possible to use several simple HTML codes to add emphasis. HTML commands are set between the < > symbols. Here are a few codes that you might use: b = bold type, i = italics, and u = underline.  To end the formatting, you must use the following:  /b  /i  /u between <   >

The word center allows you to center the text in the middle of the page.

Don't forget to use the command /center in <   > at the end of the text that you want to center!

Now that you have seen a sample page (and you've learned a little HTML) you can register at and build a page of your own.

Be sure to add a list of web sites that you want students to  access. (See examples below.)
My Quia activities and quizzes
Etre et Avoir
Review the irregular verbs être and avoir.
A la briocherie
Practice vocabulary for foods at the briocherie.
Useful links
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