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lincoln Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky. He was born on February 12, 1809. His father had a farm. The log cabin where they lived had only one room. Later, the family decided to move. Abraham was about seven years old. His mother, father, and older sister Sarah crossed the Ohio River. They found another farm in Indiana.
2     There was no time or a place for Abraham to go to school. He had to work. He would site up late at night after his chores were done teaching himself how to read. Forests covered large parts of Indiana. They were full of bears and other wild animals. The first thing they had to do was to cut down trees. Young Abraham learned to use an ax when he was only eight. He was big for his age. He used it almost every day for the next sixteen years. He chopped down trees and split rails for fences. When he wasn't chopping, he was plowing. It was not an easy life. This hard work helped Abraham to build a lot of muscle. What he really wanted to do was learn.
3     Two years after they moved, Abe's mother died. They buried her near the cabin where they lived. Soon after, Mr. Lincoln left. Abraham and Sarah had to take care of themselves. That was a very hard time for them. Abe was no more than ten. Sarah was only a little older. About a year later, Mr. Lincoln came back with a new wife. Her name was Sarah, too. She soon loved Abe and Sarah very much. She could see how much Abraham wanted to learn. She urged him to study every chance he had. She knew he had a fine mind, and she wanted him to learn to use it.
4     When Lincoln was twenty-one, his father became restless and wanted to move again. This time they moved to Illinois. In March 1831, the family settled near Decatur, Illinois. A short time later Abe decided he had had enough of farming. He, a cousin, and a stepbrother left home to be on their own. They helped build a flat boat. Abe piloted it down the river to New Orleans. Then he came back to Illinois and settled in New Salem.
5     Lincoln began to work at the general store there. He found he had two qualities that were highly prized on the frontier. The first was his great strength from working on the farm. The second was his wit and gift for storytelling.
6     In 1832, he tried running for a seat in the Illinois state legislature. He lost. Two years later, Lincoln ran for the same office again, and this time he won. At the age of twenty-five, he was working at the state capital. His quick wit made him a favorite. When he won again two years later, he decided to study law. He became a successful lawyer. These were the jobs he liked the best, helping people through government and being a lawyer.

7     Abraham Lincoln became our 16th president on March 4th, 1860.  During the time he was in office, America was in the middle of the Civil War.  At this time, there not all Americans were able to do or become anything they chose.  Black Americans were considered slaves and had to do whatever they were told.  Abraham Lincoln didn't think this was right.  He felt that all people should be free, no matter what color their skin was.  He is best known for freeing the slaves during the Civil War

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