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(note: if you haven't figured it out yet, I have the better stuff from the last couple days of nonsense here still)

Welcome Back to class

Well if anyone is still looking at this, I hope they are having a good fall so far.  For any of you who are just entering English IV Honors, good luck.  It was one of the best classes I took at Lincoln-Way.  It really made me think.  I know a lot of you don't like to do that, but it is good for you.  Anyways, I am down here at college and I know that her class has really paid off for me, especially when I had to write my first paper.

For you new to her class, if you haven't already seen that movie about heros and stuff, make sure you stay awake for that one, the clips from Star Wars make it worth it.  And that old guy that talks a lot is pretty important.  I think he shows up on a test or two.......

For those of you who care to know

The Mr. Troy site was created in the early part of the year 2000.  I don't remember the exact reason I did but it soon developed a following, and I felt obligated to continue on to keep my loyal web surfers happy.  I remember incorporating as many Programmed College Vocabulary(do you still use that?) words into my page as I could.  and I even created online games to help people learn them.  I have an unconfirmed hunch that my online games were part of the reason we stopped doing vocab last year.  (evil laugh).

I remember for a while, the counter was catching up to Mrs. Warnings counter.  Then finals rolled around and people didn't have time to visit.

I hope this gives you a better idea as to who Mr. Troy is.  Somebody let me know if I've become a legend.  That would just be so cool.  All questions can be directed to the address below

Oh well.

I wish you all the best of luck.  Send me some email so I don't get too lonely here at college.

Have a great day
Mr. Troy


What are you doing here??

If you are still looking at this page, holding on to some twisted thought that I still will update it often, then you need to step away from the computer.  This will be the fianl post.  I have nothing left to say.  I will be going to college and none of you will have the same teachers as me.  So me going on would be dumb.
If any of you still look at this page.  Email me.  I just want to know out of curiousity.

Well, I better go now.  Its a nice day.  Mabye I'll go get some ice cream.......
Anyways, its been nice talking to you.

Mr. Troy
Oh yeah, and Have a Great Day.


There is no more disclaimer.  Deal with it.
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