lindseymath Mrs. Lindsey
Mustang North Middle School 7th Math Teacher
We are starting a new semester.  We have lots of Math to learn before MAY. 

Pre-Algebra is now studying Chapter 7 over Equation Solving.   Before the 9 weeks is over we will also study ratios and percents.

7th Grade Math Classes are currently studying Chapter 6.  It is also over Equation Solving.  Before the 9 weeks is over we will also do a unit on rations and percents.

If you want another web site to study from try  This is the web site from the publishers of our math textbooks.  They have some neat activities.  Be sure you go to the section that says find your book.  Our Pre-Algebra book is a 1998 edition and the 7th math book is a 1997 edition.  If you don't pick the right edition the questions won't match the information we are studying.  Good LUCK.  I added a link below if you want to try it.

I have posted new activities on my other web site.  The address again is  Go to the student log-in and the secret password is coltsmath.  Students may do these activites for extra credit.  Each activity is worth 20 bonus points.  The activity can be done over again until they reach a grade of 80% correct.  
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