Sites to Visit

Sites to Visit

NOTE: This page is NO LONGER UPDATED but feel free to use what is here. Some links may be broken.
  1. Jefferson County Library Services Page (Show send a link) main page
  2. catalogue search
  3. place to link from home to AVL (need lib. Card #)
  4. Alabama Virtual Library
  5. Search Political Thrillers Download Real Audio
  6. (The Amazing Picture Machine) show lesson ideas
  7. (Powerpoint help & Education Clip Art links)
  8. (Technology & Learning Magazine highlights - show Reviews - Web Sightings section-Students - Lemonade Stand example Teachers' Choice Sites - search)
  9. (Excellent list of Teacher Research Resources)
  10. (School Sites-get ideas-especially check out "Success Stories")
  11. (Curriculum - lots on the ARTS)
  12. (NEA top links change every 30 seconds)
  13. (to subscribe to NEA to get updated sites and e-tools)
  14. (Needle in a CyberStack - the InfoFinder-by category)
  15. (Help for poor readers)
  16. (Weird sites on the web - must scroll down to see links)
  17. (powering learning with technology)
  18. (Online resources for Educators)
  19. (Internet tutorial)
  20. (Discovery Channel School Site)
  21. (Tessalations)


  1. (Make your own puzzles.)
  2. (Place to create free class page)
  3. (Create your own quizzes)
  1. (TONS of calculators!)
  2. (Provides unbiased reviews of children's software by parents, teachers, and kids. Text, illustrations )
  3. (Flags, Maps, Anthems from around the world)
  4. (catch plagiarized papers)

Search Engines




Lesson Plan Sites

  1. (look at curriculum corner - math brain teasers)
  2. (Lesson plans)
  3. (Dinosaur curriculum)
  4. (Build a dinosaur)
  5. (Finding and dating Dinosaurs)
  6. (Civil War Resources)
  7. (search by topic, age level, broken down by resource types)
  8. (Discovery School)
  9. (Lesson plans 7-12)
  10. (Teacher Tools)
  11. (More curriculum links from curriculum corner)
  12. (PBS Site)

Just For Fun

  1. (Gphotoshow - Screen Saver-use to have current pictures of topic your discussing in class that week)
  2. (Place to download Gphotoshow)
  3. Map zap game-learn maps!
  4. (Family Friendly)
  5. (Elijah's Web site)
  6. (My mom's speech web site - ProHosting offers 50BM free space)
  7. (Free name brand children's software plus calendar creator-only pay shipping)

Might Want to Visit

  1. (See top school sites)
  2. (Teacher/Parent Site)
  4. (A school reform model for developing tech-savvy students who work collaboratively with partner teachers to create curriculum based, technology infused projects and lesson plans.)

  5. (Puzzles & Calculators for Math)
  6. (Busy Teachers Web Site)
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