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April 24-28

Kdgn Language students are learning about animals this week.  We are naming animals from picture cards, talking about where they live and cutting out animal pictures from magazines to go in our language folders.  Do you have a favorite pet?

Articulation students this week are learning words with their sounds.  Kindergartners are learning /r/ words and first grade is continuing to work on r and r blend words.
Second and third graders are working on /th/ and /s/ words and sentences. We will be playing a bear match-up game and a baseball point game.  

Several articulation students will be graduating from speech class in May.  They will receive a graduation diploma and an instamatic picture to mark the success of their accomplishment.  Way to go speech students!

Stuttering students are working on the computer through the Stuttering Foundation of America's website:  We are conversing with "keypals" that have the same interests that we do as well as learning valuable information.  Keypals are the same as having a penpal, we are just doing it over the internet.  How is that for technology today?

Have you gotten your free sample from

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