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Carlos Rosario Public Charter School ESL Level 2 Teacher
Hello, everyone!

Welcome to my Level 2 webpage.

I hope you enjoy these activities.


My Quia activities and quizzes
Level 2 questions
Was/were (EASY)
Was/Were #2
Was or Were #3
Vocabulary #11
That / Those
This / These
Possessive adjectives
Prepositions of time
Prepositions of time in on at
Object Pronouns
Can + base form OR Simple present (s)
Descriptions: BE or HAVE
Good ideas with SHOULD and a verb
Present Continuous-What is everybody doing in the park now?
Simple Present Affirmative Base form or S form
Simple Present or Present Continuous
Level 2 Review #2
Review Level 2 --Game #1
Useful links
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