literaryclub Mrs. Willard
Troy Buchanan High School  
    Our official meeting date is the fourth Tuesday of each month from 9:35-l0:l0.  We also try to meet the second Tuesday at 9:35.  
    Our big project is the creation of TBHS's literary magazine Freefall.  Students must submit orginal work by March l.
    We also have a concession stand at the TBHS Speech and Drama Contest.  This date is typically the last Saturday in January.
    In May we host a poetry reading night and invite all the published writers for Freefall to read their work.
    This February we hosted our first ever Poetry Slam.  It was a great success.  Students created and read their poetry.  We even had a few faculty poets.  Audience members served as judges - five per round.  The top and bottom scores were thrown out and the score was averaged.  Numbers were assigned on a one to ten scale.  The audience applauded the poets, but were allowed to boo the judges if they didn't agree with the scores.  Students voted to have another Poetry Slam in the near future.
    New members are always welcome.  For information contact club sponsor: Mrs. Carol Willard.
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