literature Mrs. Hamerly
North County Christian School 6th Grade Teacher
Dear 6th Graders,

I have made a new preposition word jumble activity. You have to unscramble the preposition and type it correctly.  It should help you learn and memorize your prepositions.  Try it.  It's fun!

 Continue reading Johnny Tremain through Chapter XII.
   Remember to write down all new or unfamiliar vocabulary
   words in your notebooks.  Note the page # where you     found the word and look up the definition in a     dictionary.
   Continue to keep notes on characters in your character

Final Exam on Johnny Tremain on Thursday January 20,2000.
Review your notes on characters and use the vocabulary activities to help you study.

I hope this website will be useful and fun for you.  My goal is to develop activities for each subject to make memorizing and reviewing more enjoyable.  Be patient since I'm just learning to take advantage of all the various features available.  Let me know what you think of the site.

Mrs. Hamerly
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