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Trailside Elementary School Fourth Grade
Experience Pioneer Life

Welcome Class!  We are about to experience one adventure after another adventure in the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Following you will find our class agenda for the first week, along with activities and useful links that you will be  checking out during this novel study.  Have fun and happy reading.


•  Introduction of the main character that will be the focus of this study - Laura Ingalls Wilder. 
•  Read over background information on the Ingalls Family.
•  Locate Pepin County on a map of Wisconsin.  Complete "A Map of Wisconsin" activity.   
•  Discuss vocabulary words for chapters 1/2.
•  Read and discuss Chapter 1:  Little House in the Big Woods.  Using a picture of the log cabin pattern, draw what you think Laura's cabin looked like from the inside.   


•  Read and discuss Chapter 2:  Winter Days and Winter Nights.  
•  Complete "Panther Research" with a partner on the computers.
•  Referring to page 29, Ma quoted a verse for a chore relating to each day of the week.  Think about your own favorite day and write a paragraph explaining your choice.


•  Discuss vocabulary words for chapters 3-5.
•  Read and discuss Chapter 3:  The Long Rifle.  After reading pages 53-58, predict what scared Pa and then continue reading.
•  Read Chapter 4:  Christmas, paying special attention to how Christmas is celebrated.  After chapter discussion, create a Venn Diagram comparing "Christmas of Today" and "Laura and Mary's Christmas".
•  Complete activities about synonyms, classifying words, and ABC order.


•  View the video entitled: Christmas at Plum Creek.


•  Read and discuss Chapter 5:  Sundays.  After discussion, in small groups, discuss among yourselves what activities you participate in on Sundays and make a group list.  Share your group list with the rest of the class.
•  Complete quiz on chapters 3-5.
•  After discussion of vocabulary words for chapter 6, read Chapter 6:  Two Big Bears.  Respond to the following journal questions: Why do our imaginations "run away" with us?  Do we sometimes convince ourselves to be scared before we have good reason to be?

The following week's schedule will be posted on Thursday.


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