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Ch. 29.1 Outline

I) An uneasy peace grips Europe
  A) The steady rise of nationalism
    1)Can serve to unify or create intense competition      between nations
    2) An increasing rivalry stemed from several sources
      a) Competition for materials and markets
      b) Britain had long been Europe's leader in industry, but other nations began to challege, especially Germany
    3) Rivalries also grew out of territorial disputes
      a) France over Alsace-Loraine
      b) Austria-Hungary and Russia over the Balkans
      c) Within the Balkans, ethnic groups wanted independance
  B) Imperialism
    1) Quest for colonies brought them to brink of war
    2) Germany and France over Morocco, but most backed France so Germany stepped down
  C) Growth of Militarism
    1) Arms race - to be truly great, you need a powerful army, so military experts stessed mobility
    2) Made some patriotic, and some fearful
II) Tangled Alliances
  A) Bismark forges early pacts
    1) France is greatest threat
    2) First goal, to isolate France
    3) Dual Alliance
    4) Triple Alliance
    5) Treaty with Russia
    6) Bismark knew his network as unstable because Russia and Austria were bitter over the Balkans
  B) Shifting alliances threated power
    1) Kaiser Wilhelm II
      a) Forced Bismark to retire
      b) Proud and stubborn, did not wish to share power
      c) Wanted to show how mighty Germany was
    2) Set Germany on new course
      a) Let treaty with Russia lapse, making Russia form a defensive pact with France
      b) Challenged Britain in shipbuilding
        1) entente with France
        2) Triple Entente with France and Russia
      c) Triple Alliance vs. Triple Entente
III) Crisis in Balkans
  A) Europe's "powder keg"
    1) Nationalism powerful there
    2) Serbia hoped to absorb all Slavs
    3) Austria annexed Bosnia and Herzegovia, filled with Slavs, outraginf Serbia
    4) Russia supported Serbia, Austria backed down
    5) Serbia won several local confilcts and gained new terrirtory and confidence
    6)Austria-Hungary vowed to crush any Serbian effort
  B) A shot rings throughout Europe
    1) Archduke Franz Ferdinand and wife Sophie shot in Sarajevo by Princip, 19, of Black Hand
    2) Angered, Kaiser pledged unconditional support
    3) Ultimatum, end all anti-Austrian activity, and let Austrian officals conduct investigation
    4) Serbian leaders offered the Hage
    5) Austria was set on war, and declared it
    6) Russia ordered mobilization to barders, telling Germany it was only precautionary
    7) All leaders urged negotiation, but it was too late
IV) Misc...
  A) Armenian Massacure
    1) They demanded freedom from Turks, so relations were strained
    2) Turks killed tens of thousands
    3) When war broke, Armenian's pldged to enimies of Turks, so 2 million were killed by Turks
  B) Kaiser Wilhelm II
    1) Cousin of George V of Britain and Nicholas II of Russia
    2) Thought very big of himself; sly ands decietful
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