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Ch. 29.2 Outline

I) Alliance system collapses
  A) A chain reaction
    1) In response to Austria's war declaration, Russia mobilized to Russian-Austrian boarder
    2) Also mobilized to German-Russian boarder, but said to was precautionary
    3) To Germany, this was as good as war, so they declared war on Russia
    4) Before Russia could employ France's help, Germany declared war on them
  B) Schlieffen Plan
    1) Named after General Alfred Graf von Schlieffen
    2) Speed was vital; since Franch boarder was stocked with troops, Germans went through neutral Belgium
    3) Invading Beliguim when they refused passage brought Britain into the war
  C) European nations take sides
    1) Central Powers, Germany and Austria Hungary
    2) Allies, Britain, France, and Russia
      a) Allies soon joined by Japan
      b) Italy joined after a promise of land
II) A bloddy stalemate along the Western Front
  A) Conflict grinds to a halt
    1) Battle of the Marne
    2) Turning point
  B) War in the trenches
    1) Trench life was misery; swarmed with rats, fresh food almost nonexistent, slaap nealy imposible
    2) Western Front nealy 500 miles, from North Sea to Swiss boarder
    3) New war tools left miliary strategists at a loss
    4) Losses peaked at Verdun, with more than 300,000 lost to each side
    5) British counterattack, Battle of Somme
III) Battle on the Eastern Front
  A) Central Powers gain the advantage
    1) Battle of Tannenberg
      a) 4 days of Germans crushing Russians
      b) Germans gained East Prussia and numerous guns and horses, over 30,000 Russians dead
    2) Russia defeated Austria twice
      a) Drove way into Austria
      b) Finally, with German aid, Austria turned the tide near Limanowa they drove out Russians
  B) Russia's war effort weakens
    1) Was not yet industrialized and was continually short on supplies
    2) Allies could not ship to Russia
    3) Only plus, enormous population
IV) New war tools
  A) Poison Gas
    1) Introduced by Germans
    2) Used by everyone
    3) Some caused blinding or severe blisters, others death by choking
  B) Machine Gun
    1) Saw wide combat
    2) Helped create stalemate
  C) Tanks
    1) Introduced by Britain at Battle of Somme
    2) Origionally slow and clumbsy, imporved with time
  D) Airplane
    1) First time used in combat
  E) Submarine
    1) Introduced by Germans - U-boat
    2) Primary weapon was torpedo
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