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Leah and Kira welcome you to their mathematics game site!
This site has some solving systems games on it that you can do to help you understand basic concepts of solving systems and review for the final.  It also has an interactive quiz.  Have Fun!
Unit:Solving Systems
Chapter(s)in book:8
What we want to do in the future:
    While I am not sure exactly what I want to do after graduation, I do have some idea.  Psychology, music, and writing are my main interests.  While these careers are not completely math related, they involve some kind of experience in both math and science.  Even music requires more than just a fundamental knowledge of math for a higher understanding.  No matter what I choose to do, my choices in math and other classes in high school and college will certainley affect how i reach and realize my career goals. ~May 28th, 2000

    When someone asks me what I want to do after graduation I can give them no other answer than "Be happy!"  While I plan to pursue higher education in all areas, including math, I am not certain what I will end up doing.  Right now I am more interested in keeping choices open than in making a definite statement as to what I want to do.  However, I am sure that knowledge of math will help me in any career field I choose to enter.
~May 28th, 2000

     Try the Rags to Riches game to learn history.  All questions are taken from the first final exam.
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Jeopardy-style review game
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