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December 5-9, 2016

English 9 Mrs. Toohey
Tuesday - Read pages 125-132 - Travels with Charley
Wednesday- Read pages 152-157
Thursday - Hand in extended metaphor assignment and read pages 158-160
On a sheet of paper labeled with your name, the date, and pages 158-160, Travels with Charley, explain what Steinbeck says about the Nez Perces tribe and the US government (2 expressive sentences.)  In another 2 sentences, explain the author's tone (attitude) toward the Nez Perces.  Use the word "tone" in your writing and include a short quote worked into one of your sentences. 

Friday - Read pages 161-165 (in class) about Yellowstone National Park and do the second question on page 9 of your guide.   Also, add another word of your choosing to page 2A.

Earth Science - Ms. Rao
Star Comic Strip due Thursday

Global 9

Global 10
Working on reading 3 articles for Argument Essay.  Articles were handed out in class.

Living Environment - Ms. Finch and Ms.  Sharkey


November 28-December 2, 2016             ELA 9 Mrs. Toohey
Monday- Missing work list
     -The last grammar quiz will be reviewed Tuesday and should be completed by then.
American timeline-1961-1962-Setting of book, Travels with Charley (visual with discussion)
Begin chart on themes in Travels with Charley. We will add to this a little every day.
Students are also reminded to add individual vocabulary word choices to page 2A of their guide to the book. By the end of the week, all students should have four of the required six words completed.
*Fill in the following dates on your reading chart:
Due Tuesday 29th Read pages 80-88    “I am an avid reader of signs…”
Due Wednesday- Read3page 90-91  “At intervals there are places…” and the question on page 7 of the guide to the book. This question about “improved” machines requires 3-4 sentences and a quote from the book worked into your writing. Neatness counts. You may also type your responses and staple them into your guide.
Due Thursday:  Reading pages 95-104 (the American desire to be mobile)
Also Thursday-Friday - Notes and questions to Carl Sandburg’s poem “Chicago”
    See pages 5-6 of the guide.
The guide to Travels with Charley will be collected Friday.
An unannounced (and simple) 5 question “Did you read it?” valued at 10 points, could occur on any day this week. Be sure to read.

Earth Science Ms. Rao
The Earth Science homework is to complete the vocabulary assignment.  They are to write down each word, its definition, and draw a picture.  It is due on Thursday.

Biology Ms. Sharkey/Mrs. Finch

Global 9 Mr. Katagiri

Global 10 Mr. Thela
Friday- Test on Imperialism
Friday-Study Guide Due

Please see teachers notes


Week of November 14-18, 2016 and November 21-22, 2016         

Mrs. Toohey   ELA 9                                                              

1. Travels with Charley guide-hand in
       2.   Reading schedule for the book-The following are due dates
                            11-15 Read pages 33-36 and 44-48
                           11-16 Read pages 53-58 (in Maine)
                          11-17- Read 59-68 (on migrant workers)
11-18 Do remainder of page 4 in guide-Hand in guide Friday
3. Writing folder
4. Myth essay
       5.   “Identifying parts of speech” guide with noun and verb
Monday:    ** Hand in Travels with Charley guide-at the beginning of class- for the grading of pages 1, 2B, 3 and the first question on page 4
All mythology literary papers will be returned on Monday.  Students are asked to do a rewrite following each of the teacher’s comments. This rewrite should be stapled to the original copy and handed in any time before the Thanksgiving break.
Before you take your paper with you, take your writing folder and enter any spelling errors onto your personal spelling list inside the cover of the folder. On the other inside cover, make a list of the type of writing errors you made, ex;
Fragments, run-on, capitalization, lack of topic sentence, disorganized writing, spelling errors made in the copying of quotes, capitalization of proper nouns, (names)
Monday also: Page 4 and 6 grammar guide –in circle
Open notes quiz on the grammar guide will be Friday, (forms of the noun and the verb).  Six questions will be related to Travels with Charley. You can bring your book and guide to use on the quiz.
Monday: General notes taken on the reading schedule about the subject of groups of pages. (I will demonstrate.) You will also be required to take a few notes in class about the reading and could have a brief “Did you Read it?” type quiz at any time.
During the week we will:
A.    Take brief notes on the content of Travels with Charley for the required pages. These notes will later be used to do a paragraph on themes in this nonfiction piece. (See the back of the reading schedule entitled-Final Writing Project- Writing on a Theme) 
B. Complete the noun-verb guide
C. Play some grammar games on our laptop (Thursday)
D. Rewrite the myth essay
E. Have some reading time
F. Have a “Did you read it?” quiz
G. Have a quiz on Friday: grammar, Travel with Charley to page 68.
H. View a timeline for the setting of this book.
Creative Writing:
Hand in second paragraph about human behavior from choosing and adjective from the can. Remember format:
Denotation of the word
Connotation of that word
What the word looks like in action in the real world
Period 8-Begin directions for the writing of a one act play (articles)

English 10 Mr. Karle
Article of the week is due Tuesday, November 21st, 2016

Math Ms. Martin
Assignments given daily in class

Bio Ms. Finch and Ms. Sharkey
Cell Crossword Due Thursday 11/17
Vocab #12-25 Due Friday   11/18

Global 9 Mr. Katagiri
Monday 11/21 - Quiz on Greece
Tuesday 11/22 - Propaganda Poster Due

Global 10 Mr. Thela
Monday - November 21, 2016 Open notebook quiz on Imperialism in Africa and India 

Earth Science Ms. Rao
***All students must make up labs 6 and 8 if they have not been handed in


Week of November 7-11, 2016
No School Friday November 11, 2016  Veterans Day
1/2 Day Thursday November 10, 2016 Parent/Teacher Conferences

Nov. 7-11, 2016
ELA 9 and Creative Writing
ELA 9:
*Page 6-grammar guide on the verb-Exercise A only
*Due Monday the 14th and worked on in class this week:
Travels with Charley guide
   *Pre-reading pages 1, 2B, and 3
  *Reading of pages 5-16
   *First question, (prediction) on page 4 of guide (See book, p. 10-16)
*Choose two words from pages 5-16 (not already listed on page 2B of guide, and complete the requirements as listed on page 2A
  *Discussion and review of all directions above
  *Return of literary essays- rewrites according to teacher comments due December 1st.

Creative Writing-
Sharing and discussion of student poems and writing about human behavior (paragraph) from last week.
Begin the discussion about writing a one act play- with included short film.

Global 9  Mr. Katakiri 
Complete all back work and test corrections by Tuesday 11/8/16

Global 10   Mr. Thela

Living Environment Ms. Finch/Ms. Sharkey
Thursday - Crossword Puzzle
Friday - Vocab #12-25

Earth Science Ms. Rao


Week of October 31-November 4, 2016

ELA 9 and Creative Writing
Oct 31-Nov. 4, 2016
Mrs. Toohey

Completion of Mock Regents Essay- Mythology/History- due Tuesday 11/1/16
Grammar-Parts of speech practice/review in preparation for grade level grammar and
   comprehension of editing tasks.
Begin Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley. Students will have their own copy of this nonfiction piece and will be expected to read at home occasionally during the next few weeks. This week we will discuss the author’s motivation and the historical context of the book.

Creative Writing:
-Sharing of student paragraphs, “Writing about human behavior”
Completion of original poem in the style of Wendell Berry’s Come Forth-due Thursday 3rd.

Ms. Rao Earth Science
Lab 6 due Wednesday, Lab 7 due Friday.

Mr. Katagiri Global 9

Ms. Martin Math
Tuesday Algebra 1B - worksheet 1B

Ms. Finch Earth Science

Ms. Sharkey and Mrs. Finch
Wksht 7-1 Due Tue
Wksht 7-2 Due Thurs
Vocab #1-11 Due Friday
My Quia activities and quizzes
GLOBAL MC REVIEW PART 1: Including Neolithic Revolution, ancient civilizations, Greece, Rome & Byzantine Empires
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