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     Welcome to 9th Grade

May 31st-June 10th, 2016

ELA Mrs. Toohey
Finish Romeo and Juliet Test
ELA Final June 6-8, 2016

Global 9 Mr. Katagiri
DBQ Due Tuesday
Project presentations this week
Review packet due Monday June 6th
Global Final is Wednesday June 8th - June 10th

Earth Science Ms. Rao
Friday June 3rd - Final Exam
Wed June 8th Lab Practical
Monday June 6th-Regents Review packet due

May 16-20, 2016

ELA 9 Mrs. Toohey
Monday - Homework check page 7 Shakespeare guide. See plans from last week for directions.

Continuation of writing about Act 2 Romeo and Juliet using notes on pages 11-18 of the student guide to Shakespeare

Tuesday-Trip to Howe's Cavern - Students who take Biology , instead of Earth Science, will work on the writing to Act 2 or the original poem.

Wednesday - Survey about use of electronics in school - (as conducted by the administration)
Completion of the writing to Act 2 Romeo and Juliet

Thursday - Friday
Terms of plot structure for tradedy - page 4 of the guide - Fill in events of exposition and rising action
Close reading of pages 5-6 student guide to play. (Graded credit)
Viewing of Act 3 on film

Group presentations to the questions to Act 3 on page 21 of guide (Graded Credit)


May 9-13, 2016                                        
Mrs. Toohey
Spelling list # 105-120 distributed. Test Friday
Hand in last week’s work entitled- “Prior to studying Romeo and Juliet” including literary term definitions and original sentences. Monday the 9th will be the last day for submission of this assignment.
The final exam essay should be completed by Wednesday the 11th. Please make arrangements to complete the essay on Call of the Wild. Make sure you have returned your copy of the novel too.
*Romeo and Juliet Unit goals-discussed in class
*General notes for the unit-notes in class to be placed on the back of the guide
*Pictures from Shakespeare’s London
*Answer questions #1 and #3 from p. 9 of student guide to Romeo and Juliet.
Do the above on loose-leaf and hand in for a score.
Close reading of p.7 of guide:
  In the space on p. 7, write the following and finish the sentences;
* Shakespeare was associated with the theater troupes ____ and ______.
*During reading this article, I was surprised that_____________.
We will answer the questions in the guide related to Act 2 and continue to watch Act 1 and Act 2 on film. Required writing is on the back.
Do the following question neatly on loose-leaf or type. Skip space between questions.
All these questions come from your guide.
Required writing:  See guide pages 11-18
1. Page 11  #5-firsrt question only related to lines 33-36.
2. Page 12, #6
3. Page 12- #7 second question related to what distresses Romeo, lines 75-78
4. Page 13  #8
5. Page 16   #12
6. Page 16 #13  both parts
7. Page 18 #15 second question about the meaning of Juliet’s words in lines 177-182 
Spelling test 105-120 -Friday

Global 9 Mr. Katagiri
Friday- Study Guide and Exploration Achievements Homework Due
Friday- Renaissance Test

Earth Science Ms. Rao

Weekly Plans for May 2-6, 2016  Mrs. Toohey
   Complete the final copy of the essay accompanying the final exam. This will involve editing of the rough draft and copying it over. Students who need more time due to absence, field trips, etc. should make arrangements with Mrs. Toohey.
Tuesday-Friday- Introduction to Romeo and Juliet and study of Act 1.
  *Close reading of plot summary- See student guide-p.1-2 “Caught in a Dangerous World”, and “Elizabethan Culture: Love and Marriage Four Centuries Ago”
     Students should follow the active reading process and take notes on the margin regarding any unfamiliar words, and to identify content and themes.
*Students should define all the literary terms and presented pictorially (in pictures) on page 3. The definitions can be found in the student text beginning alphabetically on p. 1002 of the student text. This involves copying the first sentence of the definition and giving an example. (See Handout.) This will be done in groups.
Example:    Definition of Setting: the time and place of the action of a story
Example of setting: The setting of Call of the wild, by Jack London was the Yukon in the late 1890s.
Close reading of student guide to play, pages 7-8.  Answer questions 1 and 2 about the prologue on page 8 according to the directions.
Answering Act 1 question p. 4
Viewing of Act 1 and answering questions 1 and 4 on page p. on loose leaf.
All of the above will be graded.

Weekly Plans April 18-22, 2016

English 9 Mrs. Toohey
Wed-Friday - In class essay for The Call of the Wild.  Please bring all materials discussed in class with you.

Global 9 Mr. Katagiri

Earth Science Ms. Rao

Weekly Plan April 11-15, 2015 Mrs. Toohey

     Review of week’s plans
    Chapter 5 reading Call of the Wild –due Wednesday
    Chapter 6 reading –due Thursday
     Monday also- Vocabulary puzzle and notes to chapter 5 vocabulary. Students will study the targeted vocabulary words to and take notes on parts of speech according to sentence context. The remainder of the period is for reading the first part of chapter 5
    The re-test for the vocabulary quiz to chapters 1-3 is Tuesday at 2:45 sharp.
This week:
   We will read and discuss chapters 5-6 and do pages 4-7 of the student guide as appropriate to chapters 1-6. We will continue to work on the remaining pages of the student guide to the novel. The guide is due in completion on Wednesday of next week, April 20 th.
Our final exam essay will be April 20-21. Students will have access to their novel guide and book to do this essay. This essay must only be done with Mrs. Toohey, who will collect papers each day.
The two sided handout requiring writing to chapters 4-5 is due Wednesday at the beginning of class.
Due Thursday also:
   *Choose any 6 words for chapter 5 (see p. 14 of the guide) and do the following.
A. Write six original and expressive sentences using and underlining any of the eight vocabulary words for chapter 5.
B. After each word, write the full definition and the part of speech in parenthesis, according to the way you used it in your sentence.
C. Relate each of your sentences to the content of Call of the Wild.
D. Be neat
E. Check the spelling of all words, especially the homonyms.
F. Label with your name, date, class period, and the words: Vocabulary assignment- Chapter 5 -Call of the Wild
G. Be original.
H. Hand in on time. (Thursday)                          …example on back
Example: salient
1. Buck’s most salient feature was his size; he was 140 pounds of sheer muscle and fur.  (noticeable; prominent; adjective)

Here’s what not to do:
Do not use the expressions provided for the words on page 14 of the guide.
Papers with sentences copied from the internet will receive a zero. *Plagiarism is a serious offense in the high school. The consequences are in our student handbook (and in all high school handbooks) and can be found in The Code of Conduct.

-Friday:   Begin chapter 7 with the study of the vocabulary, setting, conflict, character type, and mood.
     Watch part of the film to the book.

Global 9 Mr. Karagiri
Friday- Muslim Golden Age Travel Letter Due

Earth Science Ms. Rao

Weekly plan- April 4-8, 2016- ELA 9- Mrs. Toohey

Since the fourth quarter is shorter than the third, and includes a vacation, the following assignments will be included in the fourth quarter grade. This helps to balance out the work done each quarter. We will review these plans on Monday.
    Collect responses to chapter 3 questions. 1-3, 5,7, and 8.
    Those who have this done on time will receive a bonus. They will work on the vocabulary puzzle and assignment prior to Wednesday’s vocabulary quiz, chapters 1-3. Those who do not have this homework done, will do the review sheet and puzzle for Monday’s homework and will complete the chapter 3 questions in class. .
Additional directions have been added to the questions to chapter 3. These require the inclusion of literary terms (foreshadowing and theme) and some quotation from the novel.
This week we will read chapters 4-5. 
The reading schedule is as follows.
Chapter 4 and questions –Wednesday 5th
Chapter 5 and questions-Thursday 7th
Questions for chapters 4-5 and space for answering are on a handout.
Be sure to be neat and answer all parts of all questions for these chapters. The space allowed for answering indicates the amount you should write. Make sure you support your main points with specifics. I highly recommend drafting these answers in advance.
Since the questions are done primarily in class, you will not have much homework if you use your time well. I will initial your effort every day in class. Please be sure to show me your work so I can initial and date. This is your responsibility.
The entire sheet of responses is to be handed in on Friday.
Be sure to continue to take notes about the conflicts presented by nature in this book. Do so  under the vocabulary section on pages 13-15 of your guide. In this space, you should find examples from each chapter which indicate episodes explaining the weather, the seasons, the landscape, animal behavior, and the adapting of animals to the environment. Remember,…
we are going toward the final essay and you will need those notes. Be sure to label all of your comments and quotation with page numbers.
This week:
Review for vocabulary quiz #1 (words from chapters 1-3) 
Vocab quiz, chapters 1-3- Wednesday.
Reading of chapters 4-5 and completion of the questions (see handout.)
Begin pages 4-7 of guide about dynamic, static and round characters and what the main characters have learned as a result of their experiences. Any part left unfinished on these pages will be completed at the end of the novel. We will do these as a class and/or in small groups.

Specific directions for the final essay will be distributed and discussed this week also.
Students will complete that essay in the week prior to April vacation.

Global 9 Mr. Katagiri
Thursday - Current Events Homework Due

Earth Science Ms. Rao
Tuesday-Review Sheet and Lab due
Wednesday - Test

March 28-April 1, 2016  English 9    Mrs. Toohey

   *Weekly plan distributed
  * Discuss elements of nature from chapter 1-
   * Review key passages chapter 1
    *Review chapter 2 vocabulary and parts of speech
   *Chapter 2 reading due Tuesday
Vocab assignment due Wednesday  is as follows:           –See page 11 of guide
Choose six of the ten words listed for chapter 2-Call of the Wild.
List the word, the part of speech in parenthesis, the definition, and write an original, expressive sentence, (not too short), using that word in the same context, and as the same part of speech. Neatness and spelling count.
1. Reproof (noun)- scolding.
The reproof was justified because it was clear that he lied.
   Also Monday-   *Review the questions to chapter 2 prior to the reading.
Tuesday- “Did you read it?”  quiz chapter 2
These will be 5 questions read aloud and reflecting a basic comprehension of the chapter.
*Reminder-- Vocabulary sentences are due Wednesday.
*Notes on nature for chapter 2

     *Review questions 1-4 prior to reading Chapter 3
     We will listen to chapter 3 read aloud
    Answering of first 4 questions for chapter 3 on loose leaf

Completion of chapter 3 and questions

Distribute review sheet for next week’s vocab quiz (4/6-Wed.)
We will complete the identification of a few more characters by type.
   (See page 5 of guide).


March 21-24, 2016

English 9 Mrs. Toohey
   This sheet includes the reading schedule for Call of the Wild
                                                                                                  by Jack London
Mrs. Toohey
This week:
-Organizing for the study of this novel, including notes under each vocabulary page for the final essay and labeling of chapters by their due dates.
-Discussion about recently graded papers and the information on this sheet
-You may stay after on Tuesday with me or Wednesday with Mr. Karle. No late work will be accepted after this Thursday.
-Review of the essay for the novel, Call of the Wild. This will be the essay used for the final exam and will be done in class.
-Use the space under all the targeted vocabulary words (beginning on p. 10 of your guide) to take notes on the influence of nature upon the plot. (See essay directions)
-Reading about the life of the author and the forward to the novel
Students will be assigned a copy of the book on Tuesday the 22nd.
The reading schedule is as follows. Students will read both in class and for homework. There is plenty of time between chapters. Occasionally, you will be assigned vocabulary work or writing indicating comprehension of the story. We will also have short videos on the style of the novel.
If you get ahead in the reading, you may want to skim the chapter the night before it is due. Brief “Did you read it?” quizzes may be given.
Reading Schedule for Call of the Wild on the back:

Chapter 1 due Thursday-March 24th
Chapter 2-due Tuesday March 29th
Chapter 3-due Friday April 1st.
Chapter 4-due Tuesday April 5th
Chapter 5-due Friday April 8th
Chapter 6-Tuesday April 12th
Chapter 7-Thursday April 14th.

Flip through the guide to the novel to see the focus of study. Note that the vocabulary to the novel begins on p. 10 of the guide. Students should study the vocabulary per chapter thoroughly before reading each chapter.
Specifically this week
   Labeling of reading guide with chapter due dates
    Word web for 2 chosen vocabulary words to chapter 1- See the vocabulary words on p. 10 of the novel guide-due Wednesday March 23rd.
   Written responses to chapter 1 questions to be done in groups and kept in student binder. (Have teacher initial this. It will be collected later.)
Reading of chapter 1- due Thursday 24th.
No spelling this week.

Global 9 Mr. Katagiri

Earth Science Ms. Rao


March 14-18, 2016

English 9 Mrs. Toohey
*Argument essay corrections due Tuesday
Spelling list 91-105- Learn to spell the words on the list and know the definitions, if one is provided next to the word.  Quiz Thursday.
See p. 1010 of our text and copy first 4 lines of the definition of “free verse” onto the sheet entitled “types of poetry”.
So far, we have studied narrative and dramatic poetry.  This week we will look at the free verse, On the Pulse of the Morning, by  Maya Angelou.
We will listen to her perform this poem and take notes on the margin of the poem.
Students will then be asked to do a single page of writing in class, comparing and contrasting the three styles of poetry we learned about. The step by step directions are on the back of this sheet.
  Style has to with how a particular writer says things. It has to do with his or her;
           * Tone-attitude toward the subject matter
           * Choice of words-effecting the emotional impact
            * Figures of speech:  simile, metaphor, use of slang, and cliché’
             * Literary device- personification, conflict, symbolism, mood, allusion,
                     foreshadowing, irony, point of view, setting, etc. (See the literary
                           terms sheet.)
   In general though, trying to define style is like trying to pour a sack of flour into a thimble. It all spills out and seems impossible to do.  It can only be classified roughly, and frequently it defies explanation altogether, like trying to describe the way someone walks, or their handwriting.  When an author has style, you know it when you see it, especially if you see this style repeat in more than one of his or her works.
To do this piece of writing comparing and contrasting styles of poetry:
1. Begin with a topic sentence telling that different styles exist. Tell what they are according to our notes. As always, specifics help a paper.
     2. Transition with a word showing contrast, such as although, even though, nevertheless, or on the other hand, and give a few examples of what all poetry has in common.
      3. Make a final comment about the purpose of poetry, in general.
This will be done in class and due at the end of class Wednesday the 16th.
*Also this week: Introduction to Jack London’s Call of the Wild.
-The life of the author
-The forward to the book
-Chapter 1
At the end of the book, we will have a test and do an essay. The topic of the essay will be as follows:
     Jack London was influenced by Charles Darwin, the scientist who devised the theory of evolution. This states that all species evolve (adapt to their environment), and those who fail to do so, will not survive. This is no longer considered theory in the scientific world, but hard, scientific fact. The most famous idea from Darwin’s book, The Origin of the Species, is the concept of survival of the fittest. This is the idea that only the strongest, most adaptable and most clever, will survive in a rapidly changing world. 
   *To be prepared for this essay, which will part of the test to the book, keep a running log of where you see evidence of this theme in London’s Call of the Wild

Global 9 Mr. Katagiri
Friday- Test corrections due

Earth Science Ms. Rao

March 7-11, 2016

Mrs. Toohey
Monday: Career workshops-Does anyone have any comments from this experience? It was a great way to meet people who might be helping with your future.
Tuesday:    Plans for the week.
Tomorrow-  (Wednesday) is the last day to hand in the essay of argumentation for nay credit.
Arrangements for absentees to make up work--Note all missing work-
Students: Please be clear on the late policy as outlined on our course policy from the beginning of the year.
Return to students:
Review sheet for test on research and argumentation terminology
The test itself
Return of Essays of Argumentation-. Your essay goes home to be corrected and later returned to your writing folder.
The editing of the essay should be done on loose leaf and each error corrected in your own hand-writing. Label the type of error (run-on, verb agreement, etc.) on the left margin of the loose leaf next to the correction. Staple this to your essay and return by next Tuesday. This is your homework for the week, along with studying spelling list 76-90.
Today- Continue with the discussion to poem “Sea Fever.” Take notes on the margin of the poem according to class discussion and your group work. Hand in for an effort and note-taking score.
Review sheet on types of poetry (distributed last week)
Spelling 76-90 –Write out words 3 times each on line-Quiz on words this Friday
   Video on metaphors and similes
   Begin dramatic poem “Danny Deever” with dramatic reading and guide-
The guide the “Danny Deever” is due at the end of class on Thursday.
Handout on simile and metaphor-Two poems appears on this handout. Respond to the questions to these poems in the space on the sheet itself. Show for credit.
Friday: Spelling 76-90 quiz
           Completion of exercise on metphors

Global Mr. Katagiri
Monday-Chinese Dynasties and Mongolian Empire Study Guide
Friday - Political Cartoon Due

Earth Science Ms. Rao
Thursday- Test

February 29 - March 4, 2016

Feb. 29th-March 4, 2016

English 9 Mrs. Toohey

   Survey conducted by administration on elective workshops offered on March 7
   Hand in essay of argumentation
    Work on review sheet for test- Thursday
    Continue with review sheet for Thursday’s test on terminology related to argumentation and research skills. This will be a study class done in groups.
  -Practice on parts of speech with short video;
Grammar module 1-Eight Parts of Speech on YouTube at cafedurhamcollege. Students will then self-correct a parts of speech practice and keep it in his or her binder.
Thursday- Test on the terminology of argumentation and research writing
                  Graded credit for completion of the review sheet done in class.
Friday-Intro to poetry- including, types of poetry, a few notes, short video (How to read a poem, the Big Think) and the reading of Sea Fever, by John Masefield. Group work and discussion will include; theme, rhyme scheme, metaphor, simile. Students will be given a participation score for their participation in note taking and discussion.
If time begin-
Free verse-Group work and video-Maya Angelou -On the pulse of the morning.

Global 9 Mr. Katagiri

Earth Science Mrs. Rao


February 22-26, 2016

English 9 Mrs. Toohey

Feb. 22-26, 2016     ELA 9     Toohey
Overview of week.
Planning page to essay of augmentation (see page 19 of guide) and introduction to essay due Wednesday the 19th.
Entire essay due Monday Feb. 29.
Also this week:
-Analysis of model essay and reading of the critique of that essay- See guide to argumentation in writing.
-Studying the above model for claim, (thesis) style, format, use of transitions and citation
-Absentees from the week before vacation should show ELA teacher the “close reading” notes for text 1-3, done according to the directions.  This was graded.
-Last week we studied the making and supporting of a point for argumentation and methods of faulty logic (oversimplification, half-truth, generalizations, etc.)
-We will have a laptop cart available to us this week. Students will also write their complete 4 paragraph essay, including 3 citations (one from each text)-See check list.
Students should check the editing/grading pages in their guide and edit as they write.  The essay grade will include:
                -Attention to directions, both those in class and in the guide
               -Lack of faulty argumentation
                -Quality of style and content.

Global 9 Mr. Katagiri
Monday - Test
Thursday - China Review Sheet Due

Earth Science Ms. Rao


February 8-12, 2016 and February 15-19, 2016

ELA 9 Mrs. Toohey

Monday -
*Homework credit for last Friday's absentees-p.5, #1-3 Guide to Argumentation
*Do questions to letter to the editor (p. 5 of guide) in full sentence form and review #1-3 on the same
* Number every fifth line in text #1 to use when citing correctly in essay.
* Number every fifth line in  text #1 to use when citing correctly in essay.
*Review directions for close reading
*Begin text #1 and complete close reading notes for homework - due Tuesday

Tuesday -
Test # 2 -close reading and notes - (in class) Use the guide to close reading.
"Thinking through an argument" p. 9
Complete reading of text #2

In class - close reading to Text #3 with notes
Writing Introductions: Begin with one of the following methods of introduction:
A. An anecdote (short story) on the topic of 16 year old drivers
B. A startling statistic (cited from your reading and discussed briefly)
C. An overview of the debate, written in a general manner
Whatever method you choose, end with your thesis, which is a single statement (sentence) expressing the topic and your opinion on it. The introduction is due Friday in draft form.
Wednesday homework is to read text #3 following your close reading guide.

Using evidence and logic/fallacies of thinking p. 8 (in class)
Completion of planning sheet p. 19 (Show for credit on Friday)

Friday: Show the teacher the completion of the planning sheet.  See p. 19 (neatness counts!)

Write an introduction to the essay on loose -leaf-Also show to teacher for credit

GLOBAL 9 Mr. Katagiri

Complete DBQ questions and chart --------Due Monday February 22, 2016


February 1-5, 2016
ELA 9 Mrs. Toohey

Original student scripts due Friday the 5th.  Students may submit these at any point in the week.
Completion of grammar quiz (subject-verb, independent and subordinate clauses)
Reading of student scripts (volunteer)
Work on individual scripts using laptops
Sending of scripts-(Must show this to Mrs. T. first.)
*In message box type- Young playwrights contest from GCHS
After school help is Tuesday this week.
Wed- Friday:
Short video on the persuasive essay
Begin reading on the art of argumentation:
  *purpose of, and tips for, effective persuasion
  * related vocabulary –refute, concede, thesis, supporting evidence, emotional appeal
   vs. factual evidence
   *analyzing articles of persuasion (letters to the editor) with comprehension questions
    *analyzing model persuasive essay

Earth Science Ms. Rao
Tuesday - Quiz

Global Mr. Katagiri


January 25-29, 2016

Global 9 Mr. Katagiri
Thursday January 21st- Medieval Faire Project Rough Draft Due
Monday January 25th -  Physical project due.  This will physically display your topic. Projects may consist of models, interactive displays, acting skits, foods, puppet show and clothing.
Monday January 25th - Final Paper or Presentation. This is the revision of prior drafts of your paper. Presentations are also given at this time. Papers and presentations must be well organized and display your comprehension of the chosen topic.
MEDIEVAL FAIRE DATE JANUARY 28, 2016 If a student attends and answers question sheet 10 points on Unit Test

English 9
Tuesday and Wednesday, you will be typing script to make any changes.

Friday-Grammar and spelling day           
              Hand in poetry guide
              Practice with clause-notes on sentence types.
Earth Science Ms. Rao


January 18-22, 2016

English 9 Mrs. Toohey
Jan 19-22, ELA 9 Toohey
--The original student scripts are now due the 28th.
--Our visiting playwright will be here on Thursday at 10:00. Students should be prepared to ask a question, preferable about a problem they may be having with their original scripts.
--Tuesday and Wednesday -Last of literary unit on The Middle Ages-
               Poem-“The Lady of Shallot”
--Study of vocabulary to the poem- discussion of the accompanying words,  parts of speech, synonyms,  vocabulary puzzle.
--Reading and song by Loreena McKennitt
--The questions and accompanying notes on literary terms will be due this Friday.
Mrs. Toohey will also be looking for the following in the grade for the guide to the above poem:
    (third quarter score)
*Notes taken from class on the vocabulary page- parts of speech and any addition notes regarding meaning and synonyms.
*Vocabulary words all underlined in the poem
*Notes on the margin of the poem regarding literary terms, in this case, setting, imagery and mood.
!. Identify 3 specific areas in the poem where setting is described. Label as setting and describe it a bit on the margin, in your own words.
2. Identify 3 specific areas in the poem where imagery is described. Label as imagery (sights and sounds described in the poem)  and explain what impression is created with that example of imagery. Ex. a field rich in flowers in the sunshine will create an impression of tranquility and natural beauty.
3. Identify the overall mood of the poem based on its images and setting. Write a sentence identifying the mood of the poem and using the word “mood”. Label clearly.
Thursday-Visiting playwright-Suzanne Bradbeer
               -Discussion of visit.
              -Sharing of scripts in small groups.  Bring in script, as is,  for group discussion. Next Tuesday and Wednesday, you will be typing it to make any changes.
Next Friday-Grammar and spelling day
              Spelling list 76-90 quiz next week
              Hand in poetry guide
              Practice with clause-notes on sentence types.

Global 9 Mr. Katagiri
Thursday January 21st- Medieval Faire Project Rough Draft Due
Monday January 25th -  Physical project due.  This will physically display your topic. Projects may consist of models, interactive displays, acting skits, foods, puppet show and clothing.
Monday January 25th - Final Paper or Presentation. This is the revision of prior drafts of your paper. Presentations are also given at this time. Papers and presentations must be well organized and display your comprehension of the chosen topic.
MEDIEVAL FAIRE DATE JANUARY 28, 2016 If a student attends and answers question sheet 10 points on Unit Test

Earth Science Ms. Rao


January 11-15, 2016
English 9 Mrs. Toohey
How to set up your script. (Notes) Script due Thursday the 21st- typed
This will allow your teacher to make copies for the small group reading and get the copies back in time for the group to make comments and ask questions. Students may want to make changes to their script based on these comments.
Return/review “Sir Gawain” guides
Discussion of theme to above story
“Greensleeves” -Poem with guide- Keep to hand in after the other included poem, “Lady of Shallot”, is completed.
Grammar-dependent and independent clauses. We’ve taken some notes on the topic and will do a reading and practice- See Warriner’s Grammar, p. 98-100
Wednesday-Script writing in the library
Script writing workshop offered to the school –Capital Rep. Players
Group reading of scripts and time to edit.

Earth Science Mrs. Rao
Tuesday Study Guide is Due
Tuesday - Unit TEST

Global 9 Mr. Katagiri
Wednesday Medieval Faire Project idea and group make up form due
Friday Medieval Faire Project bibliography due

January 4-8, 2016

*Essays summited after vacation (today or tomorrow) will receive a top score of 50%-60%, depending on quality of essay. We had plenty of time and announcements about the due date. Be sure to do this essay. Zeroes really hurt your score. Absentees from Wednesday, the 23nd may hand their paper in at no penalty, if done so today. All teachers have a meeting at 3:00 today, so I will be leaving my room five minutes before. Your writing is currently in the copier, but you can check your scores on School Tool.
*Discussion and directions to the essay contest for Capital Reparatory Players- Take notes clearly on loose leaf.
All short skits must:
A. include the line:  “but I am running out of time”
B.       begin with a scene set up (paragraph description of setting)
C. include an occasional direction as to how a line should be read, if the dialog doesn’t make it obvious, or if a line is to be read ironically- Example-  Beatrice: (with disbelief) Do you really think she’ll be there?
D. be performed within 3-4 minutes
E.        contain a maximum of four or five players.
F.        have a title
Student plays may be about anything appropriate to be read aloud in school and are required by the teacher as a graded assignment. In other words, we are all entering the contest. *We will look at the format of a play in our classroom texts as models.
We will spend the next two weeks finishing our medieval literature unit and learning the basics of the independent and dependent clause, and a few other aspects of grammar, as they relate to correct writing.
The short skit is your homework and is due Friday the 15th. Work on it at home, but we will also have a writing lab this Friday for any typing or writing you may need. You must present the start of the skit, (a hand-written page or two), by this Friday for an “effort score”. 
Monday Jan. 2016:
Contest directions with Friday writing lab
Fill out top part of the form and give back to Mrs. T.
Begin “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” (short story, with guide)

Global 9 Mr. Katagiri

Earth Science Ms. Rao


December 14-18, 2015

English 9 Mrs. Toohey
Dec. 14-18
Students will continue to compose the body paragraphs and conclusion for the above essay. A laptop cart will be available for typing.
We will also read about the expository essay itself, in terms of style, format, and content.
The essay is due on the 18th and is completely done in class.
No other quizzes or assignments will be due.

Global 9 Mr. Katagiri
Test on Friday December 18 and Monday December 21.

Earth Science Ms. Rao

December 7-11, 2015

ELA 9 December 7-11 and 14-18, 2015
Mrs. Toohey

Dec. 14-18
Students will continue to compose the outline, intro, body paragraphs and conclusion for the above essay. A laptop cart will be available for typing. 
We will also read about the expository essay itself, in terms of style, format, and content.
The essay is due on the 18th and is completely done in class.
No other quizzes or assignments will be due.

Per. 3 has been given an extension on writing of the paragraph about King Arthur and his historical link, (based on a documentary shown in class.) Their assignment is due Tuesday the 8th.
This week: Instructions for an expository essay based on peasant life in The Middle Ages.
Four articles, directions, and models will be studied. (Two of these articles have been read in class previously.)
We will re-read two articles and label for ideas which relate to the essay topic.
We will also read the other two articles in a “close reading” and take notes. By the end of the week, students will have thorough notes and will have composed an introduction for the essay.
Dec. 14-18
Students will compose the body paragraphs and conclusion for the above essay. A laptop cart will be available for typing.
We will also read about the expository essay itself, in terms of style, format, and content.
The essay is due on the 18th and is completely done in class.
No other quizzes or assignments will be due.

December 7-11, 2015

Global 9 Mr. Katagiri
Monday - DBQ Assignment Due

Earth Science Ms. Rao
Monday-Test Review Packet Due
Tuesday - Test
Wed-Life of a Comic Strip Due


ELA 9    Mrs.  Toohey                                                                     11/30-12/4, 2015
  -Review of the plans for the week
  -Pre-test and self-correction for spelling list #66-75
-Review and discussion of the words, parts of speech and definitions.
  Close reading of an article on The Middle Ages-(as reference for our literature)
Students should do the following on the margin of the article and at the end:
During the re-reading:
1. Underline the 6 vocabulary words provided and copy the definitions neatly on the margin.
2. Note one OTHER word you did not know fully and define it on the margin. Highlight this definition.
At the end:
3. Note one example of irony and explain why the example might be considered ironic. (Write one or two sentences, one of which should contain the word “irony” or “ironic” )
4. Write a single sentence of summary for the entire article. The sentence should contain at least 3 main ideas of the article, written in list form, with commas.

Tuesday- We will have laptop cart in the room and do an edit of our last literary essay.
Those who failed the last spelling quiz (#51-65) may re-do this quiz after school today.

  Video-Was King Arthur Real?
Students will have a note-taking guide. This includes the historical and literary references mentioned in the film. Students are asked to listen for historical, scientific, and cultural information. Using these notes, they should support the idea that the legend of King Arthur may have been based on actual information.  This will be due on Friday.

Friday: Part of speech practice and spelling test 66-75

DBQ Assignment Due Monday 12/7/15
Can the Influence of Roman Civilization be seen today?

Earth Science
Test on Tuesday 12/8/15

Homework for the week of November 23-27, 2015
No school for students Nov, 25-27
Happy Thanksgiving !

ELA 9 Mrs. Toohey
Please hand in all work due from last week by Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

Global 9 Mr. Katagiri 
Tuesday - Review sheet due
Tuesday - Global 9 Test
Tuesday Stations sheets due

Earth Science Ms. Rao
DO Now from Tuesday due on Monday November 30, 2015


Homework for the week of November 16-20, 2015

English 9 Mrs. Toohey
Thursday -Spelling/Vocab Test

Global 9 Mr. Katagari
Propaganda Poster due Monday,November 23rd
Review sheet for Tuesday's Global test is due Tuesday, November 24th.
Global Test Corrections from last test are due Tuesday, November 24th
Global Quiz is on Tuesday November 24th
Station Assessment (30 points) on Stations done in class is due on Monday November 30th, 2015

Earth Science Ms. Rao

Please see your math teachers assignment page or web page


Homework for the week of November 9-13, 2015

English 9 Mrs. Toohey
Your Literary Essay was due last week!
Due Thursday - Three questions from reading in class on Monday and Tuesday.

Global 9 Mr. Katagiri

Earth Science Ms. Rao
Please work on any classwork not completed

Math- Please see your math teachers web page or assignment posting.


Homework for the week of November 2-6, 2015
This is the last week of 1st quarter.  Please hand in all work due!

English 9 Mrs. Toohey
Wednesday-Literary Essay Due

Global 9 Mr. Katagiri
Monday and Tuesday - Complete Test Review Study Guide.  Also, please complete Station Review Sheet.  These are worth 5 points EACH on the Global test!
Wednesday- Unit Test

Earth Science Ms. Rao
Wednesday- Homework is packet from class if not completed in class today

Math- Please see your math teachers web page or assignment posting.


Homework for the week of October 26-30, 2015

English 9 Mrs. Toohey
This week we will be working on:
- a mock regents literary essay,
- reading and analyzing the directions,
- beginning a draft, which will be done on laptops.
Monday- Please write a main idea for your upcoming
literary essay and study for spelling re-test
The unit test for mythology is Thursday the 29th.
The format for the test is short answer and multiple- choice.
All short answer questions have been given in class
during the week of the 19th.
We will also finish the myth guide in class. The guide will be
collected after the test.

Global 9 Mr. Katagari

Earth Science Mrs. Rao

Math Mrs. Magee
Please see Mrs. Magee's web site

Other math teachers please see math teachers calendar

Homework for week of October 19-23, 2015

ELA 9 Mrs. Toohey
Monday October 19th
Friday’s absentees- Complete the Phaethon guide for tomorrow.
All other students-Please hand this in along with the student comment sheet.
Today-Pages 7-8 of the myth guide
Spelling for the week #31-50- Fill out for credit by Wednesday.
Spelling -Quiz Thursday-22nd (This Thursday)
This week in general-
*Completion of the myth guide
*Spelling 31-50- quiz Thursday
*Word Web for more specific and descriptive adjectives
*Practice test for mythology unit.
The actual mythology test will be Tuesday the 27th.

Global 9 Mr. Katagiri
Tuesday -See graphic organizer. In class today students will be completing a webquest activity and this assignment uses information from that activity or asks them to revisit the website they used during that activity.

Earth Science Ms. Rao
Wednesday -Homework today in Earth Science is to finish the lab we did today.  Lab 5: Constructing a Temperature Field Map.Earth Science HW is to complete the topographic profile and conclusion questions for Lab 6.
Friday for MONDAY THE 26TH -
Earth Science HW is to complete the topographic profile and conclusion questions for Lab 6.

Math - Please see Ms. Magees web site
For other math teachers please see assignments daily in class


Homework for week of October 19-23, 2015
ELA 9 Mrs. Toohey

Homework for the week of October 12-16, 2015

October 13-16, 2015
Mrs. Toohey
Reading of Greek nature myth –“Phaethon”
Activities include:
Discussion and writing about literary terms
Vocabulary to the story
Summary writing
Student comment sheet
Completion of the handout to the story “Phaethon”-submitted for a grade-due Friday and done in class
Pages 7-9 myth guide- annotated notes initialed by teacher
If time-begin practice for quiz #1- myth unit
No spelling this week.

Earth Science Ms. Rao
Tuesday Review Packet Homework due
Wed- Quiz

Global 9 Mr. Katagiri
Test on Monday October 19th - complete review sheets

Mrs. Magee
Please see Mrs. Magees web-site

Homework week of October 5-9, 2015

Earth Science Ms. Rao
Degrees, Minutes, Seconds Notes (ppt too large to attach)


Time Zones Notes (ppt attached)

Time Zones Activity

There will most likely be homework this weekend but I have not yet decided.

Please see your math teachers homework schedule
My Quia activities and quizzes
GLOBAL MC REVIEW PART 1: Including Neolithic Revolution, ancient civilizations, Greece, Rome & Byzantine Empires
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