Lertap (Laboratory of Educational Research Test Analysis Package)
Lertap.com, Fremantle Village, Western Australia  
Update status: The latest version of Lertap 5 for Windows is 5.10.8. It is available at Lertap.com and may be reached by following "Useful link" (1).

Here's a brief description of each of the "Useful links" found further down the page:

(1) corresponds to the SetupLertap5108.exe file, used to install Version 5.10.8. This version will work with Excel 2010, Excel 2013, and Excel 2016. It's a 'Mini' version, fully functional, but limited to processing just the first 50 records of a dataset. Note that it is possible (and easy) to convert this 'Mini' version to the 'Full' version -- refer to link (2) below.

(2) links to webpages describing how to install, license, and upgrade the Mini version so that it is not restricted to 50 data records (license prices are mentioned in link (98) below).

(3) is for computer administrators who need to install Lertap 5.10 on a machine used by more than one person.

(4) links to the "updates summary" for all versions of Lertap -- use this to see if your version of Lertap may have been updated.

(5) is a link which leads to some sample Flash videos of Lertap in action (made in 2010 and in some need of updating; some of these videos are too long, but they all show aspects of Lertap in application).

(6) links out to a website with sample datasets.

(7) will take you to a website with some very practical pointers on using Excel and Lertap (includes numerous examples of Lertap and Excel in action).

(8) and (9) are instructive YouTube videos about Lertap, produced by Tony Davidson.

(98) takes you out to the Lertap 5 e-store
Useful links
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