lolozoog Case
North Gresham Elementry I love TLC and Britney Spears!
Well,Lets see,I have the hardest math in the universe.I am an Outstanding writer(Or so my teacher says)Although I did a pretty good speech on Koalas and an exelent report on Florence Nightengale.I once had a sleepover at the school.My friend Amanda was so tired she was like Casey go to sleep and I'm like Make me.So I turned the other way and then Robby starts humming I mean what a nightmare.Then David asked me if I wanted popcorn and I refused 'cause he is strange so he is a stranger and never take food or candy from strangers,Tsss like I would take popcorn from David anyways.Come on.And in the morning I heard that Brad(The cutest boy)Kissed my friend!That was not very fun.And we went to Seattle and that was soooooo fun!!!Exept that I almost pueked at game time because I ate a little too many apples and I had to carry a bucket around.We stayed at a gym at a high school.My friends are,Amanda Wilson,Amy Nelson,Nancy Carter,Christina Nelon and Dana Erickson and Katie Wich.Amy and Nancy are my best friends but Amanda and Katie and Christina don't know that.Heres how they go in order


And one day Brad is like with me Dana,and my and he said''I don't like any of you because youre all third graders well,exept Casey"I kinda get it but I think he is so cute!Bye Bye!Oh,I am10 have blond hair and blue eyes!
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