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Peter Muhlenburg Middle School 8th Grade Geography Teacher
If you have questions about class, upcoming projects, grades, or want to add something to class like an article, having someone culturally relevant to class discussion guest speak in class, or to bring in materials that would add to our lessons, email me to let me know.

If you want to stay after on Tuesdays to study and review, pick up a Terrific Tuesday slip from me, or have a parent write a note saying you are able to stay. We'll be doing activities on the SmartBoard, double-checking homework and making sure your notebooks are completed.

As we finish up our unit on South America, make sure you use Sheppard Software (the link is below) to study your maps. This was a huge help for many of you on other quizzes - don't think that teachers ask you to study because we just like seeing you work. It really does help, and it can help you remember all of the countries with just a little work!

If you are concerned about missing assignments or notes, check the binder I have at the front of the class - it has copies of everything we've done so far, so you can compare your notebook to it to ensure you've got everything.

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