louizi Ms. Louizi
Milton High School, Science sdept Biology instructor
Syllabus Second Semester

Course title: Biology Instructor:  Louizi, G.

Course Description
The Second semester of biology continues to develop the student's interest in living things.  The student will continue to explore the scientific processes as they relate to the study of microorganisms, animals, plants, and the environment.   An investigation of topics related to evolution, and microorganisms will be presented.   Selected areas of human biology will be explored.  A study of nonvascular and vascular plants will be included.
Class time will incorporate the collection and communication of information, participation in discussions, oral presentations, and the production of written products, including but not limited to laboratory investigations, portfolios, and projects.  Students will perform both as an individual and as a member of a team.

Textbook: Biology, Visualizing Life, Holt Rinehart Winston.   1994
Damage fee $2.00 minimum.  Replacement fee   $49.00
Notebook (three ringed), pens (blue or black only), pencils, colored pencils, log notebook (black and white composition), graph paper, journal, and ruler.  Supplemental materials: selected readings, books, activities, access to the public library, and the Internet.

Course content Chapter

Genetics- continued 6-8
Evolution 9-11
Taxonomy 15
Ecology 12-14
Microorganisms 16-17
Plants 18-20
Animals 21-26
Human Biology 27-34


The final semester grade will be based on the following:
Daily assignments (glasswork, homework) 10%
Lab (school, home, team, individual) 25%
Quizzes (announced, unannounced) 15%
Authentic assessment (portfolios, journals, presentations, projects)                                         15%
Tests (written, oral, team, self) 20%
Final exam (comprehensive) 15%

Make- up Policy For Excused absences

Assignments are to be made up the day following the absence.  Projects, presentations, and labs must be made up within five days of the absence.  Projects, Presentatios, and Labs will be scheduled on wed. and fri. afternoons beginning at 3:40 P.M. in portable 20 unless prior arrangements have been made.  A student who fails to appear for afternoon make-up will earn a zero after five days.

Late assignments:  ten points will be deducted for each day the assignment is late, up to fifty points.  Late assignments will not be accepted after five days.

Classroom Procedures

The student will:
1. Be responsible for his/her behavior and property.
2. Observe and follow rules stated in the student handbook.
3. Observe and follow laboratory safety rules.
4. Refrain from eating, drinking, chewing any substances, and wearing hats in the classroom.
5. Be respectful of all persons at all times in manner and speech.

Failure to follow classroom procedures will result in 60 min. private detention for second offense, and conferences with parent/guardians, school personnel, or referrals to the administration.  Detention will begin promptly at 3:40 P.M.. on wed and fri. in portable 20

Office hours:  Wed. 3:40 P.M. to 4: 40 P.M.
               Fri. 3:40 P.M. to 4:40 P.M.

Phone conferences will be scheduled during second period or afterschool.  The school number is 770-740-7000.  I may be contacted by email via this address, glouizi@yahoo.com


A student whose grade is 72 or below is eligible for recovery according to the Milton High School's Guidelines For Recovery.

I have read and understand the requirements for this class, as stated in the sylabus.

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