lowrance Mrs. Lowrance
Durant Intermediate School  
Feb. 4-8

READING -- Continue to work on Power Point project.  You will choose an animal or mystery book.  It must be a AR book.  Below is listed what is included in the project...each one counting a Test grade:
1.Read an animal book
2.AR animal book test
4.Story Boarding Sheets
5.Power Point Presentation
Due on Feb. 6th.  Presentations begin on Feb 7th.

SPELLING  --   Begin Lesson 22...  Test on Feb. 8th..

LANGUAGE -- Continue to study adjectives and introduce adverbs.  Worksheets on Friday to cover material.

Please read library book every night.  I encourage you to do your 600 minutes and earn a ticket to Six Flags.  This is due March 1, 2002.  Maybe do it on a AR book and then take test and gain points.

Note:  Spelling test...How many girls in the room today?  Upper right hand corner.

Have a good week.

Mrs. Lowrance
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