lowrancedis Mrs. Lowrance
Durant Intermediate School 6th Grade Language Arts
Hello Students,
Glad to see you visiting this assignment page.  If you would do me a favor on the next assignment you turn in  tell me when you are visiting the page and a comment or suggestion as what I could do to better the assignments.
                                            Mrs. Lowrance

We will finish up the video about Anne Frank's life and take the test.  You will need to take the AR test also.   You will do this in my classroom.

April 10-14 begin reading the story "A Backwoods Boy".  This story is about Abraham Lincoln's childhood.

    We are going to continue the study of adverbs this week. I am so pleased with each one of you in learning to diagram. We will continue to review all of the parts of speech that we have learned to diagram this year.  We will continue to build a strong foundation to our house.

    Lesson 28-  Test on Friday.
    Lesson 29-  April 10-14...book assignment.  
                Test on Friday.  Homework: writing words
                 5 times each.

See you in the morning with a SMILE and ready to work.

                            Mrs. Lowrance
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