On this page there are many quotes from the book The Giver by Lois Lowry. Use them to answer questions.
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"Would it grow up Elsewhere, not knowing, ever, that in this community lived a being who looked exactly the same." Page 115

"Right now we’re all preparing for the release we'll probably have to make very soon. There’s a Birthmother who’s expecting twin males next month." Page 114

"I remember when Asher was a newchild at the Nurturing Center, Before he was named." Page 17

He remembered when his family received Lily, the day she was named, the day she had become a One. Page 11

"Lily," Mother reminded her, smiling, "you know the rules. Two children – one male, one female – to each family unit." Page 8

"Instead, as a result of Father’s plea, Gabriel had been labeled Uncertain and given the additional year, he would continue to be nurtured at the center and would spend his nights with Jonas’s family unit. Each family member, including Lily, had been required to sign a pledge that they would not become attached to this little temporary guest and that they would relinquish him without protest or appeal when he was assigned to his own family unit at next year’s Ceremony" Page 42

"Three years," Mother told her firmly. "Three births, and that’s all. After that they [birthmothers] are Laborers for the rest of their adult lives, until the day that they enter the House of the Old. " Page 22

The Instructors of the Threes were in charge of the acquisition of correct language. Page 54

"Gabe"? Father asked, looking down at the basket where the newchild lay gurgling after his feeding, ready to be taken back to the Nurturing Center for the day. They all laughed. Dream-telling began with Threes, If newchildren dreamed, no one knew. Page 35

…Fours, Fives, and Sixes all wore jackets that fastened down the back so that … Page 40

…became and Eight and received the identifying jacket that she would wear this year, this one with smaller buttons, and for the first time, pockets… Page 45

He passed the Childcare Center where Lily stayed after school. Page 27

"Lily," her mother said fondly, "you're very close to being an Eight, and when you're an Eight, you comfort object will be taken away." Page 18

…responsibilities of Eight and doing volunteer hours. Page 45

"After the Ceremony of Twelve, you'll be with your Assignment group, with those in training. No more volunteer hours." Pages 17-18

"So I watched and cheered when my sister, Karya, became a Nine and removed her hair ribbons and got her bicycle," Father went on. Page 14

"The community lost Rosemary after five weeks and it was a disaster for them. I don’t know what the community would do if they lost you." Page 144

The rules say that if there’s a third transgression, he simply has to be released. Page 9

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