I Like Where I Am

Moving to a new place is a big change in a child's life, and this week's narrative poem I Like Where I Am describes a little boy's feelings about his family's move to Little Rock. Author Jessica Harper uses light-hearted rhyme to describe a serious subject, so her readers quickly get a positive perspective about the move. The paired selection, A New House is a Reading Online article about staying in touch with friends and relatives through email.

Your child can practice this week's vocabulary list words by playing the series of Java Games linked below in the Quia Activities section. There are four games that range in difficulty, beginning with Flashcards, then Match Game, Concentration, and finally Word Search. The words and definitions are available online by clicking the link to the List of Terms found near the top of any of the Java Games pages. Once your child has mastered matching the list words and definitions, he should click the link for the Cloze Activity which tests list vocabulary in sentence context.

The Useful Links section contains enrichment activities and information that correlate to this week's stories and skills, and are for your use at home. Our spelling list words contain the dipthongs oy, and oi, so you'll find links to spelling games that stress this sound. We'll be working with adverbs that tell when (soon, yesyerday) and where (outside, downstairs) in grammar this week, so I've included links for that skill near the bottom of the list.

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