Bad Dog, Dodger!

You'll laugh at the funny antics of Sam's new pet puppy in Barbara Abercrombie's Bad Dog, Dodger! Anyone who has ever tried to train a pet will relate to this selection, and anyone who has ever wanted or loved a pet will, too. The paired selection follows the theme with a how-to article called How to Train Your Puppy.

Your child can practice this week's vocabulary list words by playing the series of Java Games linked below in the Quia Activities section. There are four games that range in difficulty, beginning with Flashcards, then Match Game, Concentration, and finally Word Search. The words and definitions are available online by clicking the link to the List of Terms found near the top of any of the Java Games pages. Once your child has mastered matching the list words and definitions, he should click the link for the Cloze Activity which tests list vocabulary in sentence context.

The Useful Links section contains Internet links to enrichment activities, information, fun, and games that correlate to this week's stories. I have provided them for you to use with your child(ren) at home. Our spelling list words contain silent consonants kn, gn, wr, and mb, so you'll find links to spelling games that stress those sounds. We'll be learning to use the pronouns I and me properly, so I've included links for that skill near the bottom of the list.

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