Jingle Dancer

Our final selection of the year, Jingle Dancer, tells the story of a Native American girl who dreams of dancing at a powwow ceremony. Children will read about Jenna's preparations as she works to make her dream come true. The paired selection Celebrating the Buffalo Days describes another Native American tradition celebrated by the Crow nation.

Help your child prepare for this week's vocabulary quiz by practicing the list words and their definitions with the series of Java Games you'll find in the Quia Activities section just below the brown bordered part of this page. There are four games which range in difficulty from Flashcards, to Matching, to Concentration, and finally, Word Search. Your child can view or print the vocabulary list and definitions from any of the games by clicking the List of Terms link at the top. Once he has mastered the words and definitions, he should click the link for the Vocabulary Cloze Activity which will provide practice using list words in sentence context.

At the bottom of this page you'll find a section called Useful Links. In it I have provided Internet links to activities, information, and enrichment for this week's Reading selections and skills. These links are for you to use with your child(ren) at home. Our Spelling words contain the prefixes mis- and mid-. We'll work on writing paragraphs with a topic sentence, supporting details, and indented first line in English.

We have reached the end of Unit 6: Traditions in Reading. Next week I will be assessing the learning that has taken place in the course of the last five weeks of school. Students can prepare for the vocabulary portion of the unit test by playing the Hangman Game I have designed specifically for that purpose. The game can be accessed using the link in the Quia Activities section below. There is also a great unit vocabulary review near the bottom of the Useful links section; look for the link called ***Vocabulary Practice for Unit 6.*** This link has several types of review and practice, games, and quizzes to help kids prepare for the unit test. My students will take the unit vocabulary test online in our computer lab on Tuesday.

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