Welcome to The Lily Pad ~ Ms. Pellarin's Class Page for Second Grade! If you and your child have not had an opportunity for online learning through a customized weekly class page, you're in for a treat. Class Pages will feature the stories your child is reading in Language Arts at school each week and provide games for practicing vocabulary and links to background and enrichment activities. In addition, each Class Page will contain a section of links to games that reinforce the weekly grammar, spelling, and language skills we are working on at school. I hope you and your child will spend time on this site each week and find it a helpful and enriching experience.

How to Use the Class Pages~ Your child can review and practice the vocabulary words and definitions for each story by clicking the Java Games link in the Quia activities section. It may be helpful to print out the list of terms (vocabulary words and meanings) from the game choices page so your child can refer to them as needed during practice. There are four different vocabulary games in the Java Games section - flashcards, match game, concentration, and word search. Once your child can easily match the words and definitions, he should click the cloze activity link where vocabulary words are used in the context of sentences. If the Java Games don't work on your computer, you may need to visit Sun Microsystems web site and download a free version of Java for your operating system.

The Useful links section near the bottom of the Class Page features hyperlinks to other sites that contain background materials and enrichment activities that go along with the weekly stories and language skills. These links are provided as an extra opportunity for fun and learning for you and your second grader. The first time you visit some of the sites, you may need to register and/or create a password. After you have completed the free registration once, you should not be prompted to do so when visiting the site from the same computer again. Some of the game links will require Shockwave and/or Flash Player; both are free downloads at Adobe. You may also need a Quick Time Player for some of the videos and movies and a PDF reader for coloring pages and worksheets. All necessary downloads are free, as is the use of this site by my students and their families.

Note to Educators: This site represents hundreds of hours of personal time. You are welcome to use my pages and resources with your classes or add a link to my home page on your site. Please respect my work and time and do not copy any files or pages to your website and/or claim them as your own.
Useful links
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