lscalf3 Mrs. Scalf
Lakehoma Elementary School 3rd Grade Teacher

Each week I'll update this web page to keep you up to date on what we are doing in class.
Please feel free to email me anytime, I check my email several times throughout the day.
Unit 21 long o sound
both ago
almost hold
comb comb
gold hello
open most
over road
toast loaf
boat cocoa
invention almanac
American electricity

Reading - OPT - An Illusionary Tale

Lasso a good book!
Read books for our Principal's Challenge so that we can see her ride a bull!
Each student is required to get 5 AR points this month! Book Report due Monday Jan. 25
Social Studies Early American History Chp 4

We have started multiplication and each student is moving at their own pace. Practice a little each night.
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