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Literacy Volunteers of America Harry Seda & Chip Carlin
Welcome to the

"Getting Comfortable with Technology"

Pre-conference Workshop

Presenters:  Harry Seda and Chip Carlin

Unfortunately, Harry's name didn't get listed in the conference program -- but he will be the lead presenter today.  He has helped with several workshops at LVA and Laubach national conferences and conducts technology training for his LVA affiliate in Middletown, NY.  Harry is a literacy student and literacy advocate and has used computers, software and the Internet to help with reading, writing and other skills.

Also helping today will be Susan Kehrli from LVA - New York State.

Harry says:

" At the beginning I learned about using computer technology from many friends.  We will learn together in our hands-on workshop as I share my story about getting past my learning disabilities.

I will present 3 booklets to you with the most important information you will need to use any computer. I will explain very briefly some of the booklets and the contents in them.

After I learned these skills I needed one more skill and that was the Internet.  I met my good friend Chip Carlin a number of years ago when I took his computer workshop and was exposed to the Internet.  It was my first computer workshop and it was at the LVA conference in Charlotte, NC in 1997.  Attending that workshop helped me learn the Internet and get past being uncomfortable.

Once I learned how to use the Internet a little bit, a new world opened up.  I found many resources to help me improve my life.  By finding and learning to use the right tools, I was able to get past more of my learning disabilities.

I have learned to use many kinds of search engines and to use word recognition programs and read back programs to help me with my reading and writing skills.  And I learned to use online dictionaries as a resource to learn how to spell better.

Here are some of the resources that I have used and would like to share with you:

This is my link to my new Tripod Introduction Pages:

New resources:  we are also helping students obtain your own free e-mail address - so that you can communicate with other students.  You can open an e-mail account at --

MSN Hotmail --

Netscape --

Mailcity --

Rocketmail --

Yahoo --

We will encourage you to join us and many other students in the LVA chat room this week -- so that we can learn together how to use communications as a tool to improve reading and writing skills a little bit more.

Thanks for joining us."
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